Moto G – Cellphone Overview & Tour

Pat from Consumer Cellular provides a product tour of the Moto G smartphone. She’ll cover everything you need to know to get started, including turning it on…
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That means that robust internet access, still lacking in many schools and communities, is essential to successfully deploying the devices
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4 Responses to Moto G – Cellphone Overview & Tour

  1. MrTomno33 says:

    Will this phone only be on Consumer Cellular for a limited time or for a
    while? Cause this phone seems way to good to be true at consumer Cellular 

  2. lely loly says:

    nice and detail review :) 

  3. Barbara Siddall says:

    Annoyed! Trying to learn about this phone & I keep getting “an error
    occurred, please try again later.”????????????????

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