Mythbusters – Cell Phones Vs. Drunk Driving – 1 of 3

No copyright infringement intended. This video is purely for safety education. This video is intended to show the dangers of cell phone use while driving. We use cell phones on a daily basis but not while driving. We had twin 17 year old girls killed by a cell phone user in 2002. Cell phone use and texting has only gotten worse since then. They cost lives every day. We have heard all the arguments so save your time. People do have other distractions but you will notice cell phone use is the absolute most common. Everybody sees it and frowns upon it but they do it anyway. If these videos save one life then it was all worth it.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Cardinal principles was as much a creature of the administrative progressives’ search for social efficiency as it was of new concepts in pedagogic practice

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25 Responses to Mythbusters – Cell Phones Vs. Drunk Driving – 1 of 3

  1. MattyE191 says:

    @Moh1Z But when driving in normal circumstances you are putting other innocent people at risk.

  2. qwexas says:

    If it’s conversation, talking to passengers should be just as bad as using the phone. I’ve noticed that I can only have simple conversations while driving. I forget what the passenger said, forget what I said, zone out, need things repeated, can’t articulate‚Ķ conversation demands too much attention to do while driving.

  3. utahskiboy33 says:

    what season is this from

  4. Jappert1234 says:

    american people always drive automatic cars…. and still cant drive with a cellphone..?

  5. snoopyflick says:

    But what about talking to the person to your right?

  6. ThatGuyFromAustria says:

    Aha. Women can’t park. So what else is new?

  7. daveygravey123456 says:

    where do ginger people come from?

  8. applepiewithtoast says:

    @duckmanham On my way!

  9. duckmanham says:

    @applepiewithtoast Go try it. For SCIENCE!!!

  10. TheShadowpie says:


  11. FalzarGregar says:

    @Contosoldier at 0.8 you aren’t almost legally dead, YOU ARE DEAD. Your heart will stop before you will even take another drink after around 0.4

  12. XxServalcat24xX says:

    ” Please, feel free to try anything you are about to see at home, we’re what you call : “Bad Influences” . OR ” Please do not try anything you are about to see at home, go to a friend’s house.”

  13. ryancrules623 says:

    @Contosoldier .8 you are long dead…. .4 is typically death, while anywhere .35 or above is borderline comatose, or comatose. trust me, ive had my experiences…….

  14. steeljawX says:

    kinda like poppyseed muffins before a drug test. it all just sucks.

  15. steeljawX says:

    it’s better than 8%. I’d be surprised if they still had a pulse at that point.

  16. steeljawX says:

    Maybe your should think a little harder before you start calling me a dumbass. I said EPISODE. This is part 1 of 3 of this particular MYTH your fuck’n dipshit. The other part of this episode is the killer crash position. Think. It works. It might hurt you, but it works.

  17. lilnatemc says:

    @steeljawX 1 of 3 dumbass

  18. steeljawX says:

    where’s the rest of this episode?

  19. rkjpsn says:

    i like that the school uses a neon.
    “Lets get a nice car!”
    “Yeah but its gonna get crashed a lot.”
    “True. Lets just get a neon instead”

  20. applepiewithtoast says:

    so if I’m drunk and talk in my cellphone does that neutralize it all?

  21. simcaP60fan says:

    if i would drive and talk on cell phone i would use headset i would feel more concentrated on the driving while talking in a headset than holding the phone to the ear and drive with one hand is not a thing i would do.

  22. Moh1Z says:

    that driving course is a lot harder than actually driving in normal circumistances

  23. misterbrownisintown says:

    the only thing i dislike about this show is the is the sound that pen makes, its almost as bad as styrofoam

  24. GuardianAngel5150 says:

    CA actually has a law in their legislature going through committee right now why you can’t play video games on your phone while driving.

    This is not a joke

    it’s bill SB 156789(c)

  25. GuardianAngel5150 says:

    Well now the California Highway Patrol who are THE BEST in the country? Today on Larry King LIve went on record saying that Talking or Texting While driving is 10X worse than driving drunk!

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