Mythbusters – Cell Phones Vs. Drunk Driving – 2 of 3

No copyright infringement intended. This video is purely for safety education. This video is intended to show the dangers of cell phone use while driving. We use cell phones on a daily basis but not while driving. We had twin 17 year old girls killed by a cell phone user in 2002. Cell phone use and texting has only gotten worse since then. They cost lives every day. We have heard all the arguments so save your time. People do have other distractions but you will notice cell phone use is the absolute most common. Everybody sees it and frowns upon it but they do it anyway. If these videos save one life then it was all worth it.
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25 Responses to Mythbusters – Cell Phones Vs. Drunk Driving – 2 of 3

  1. marsz17 says:

    ‘officer, could you give me a beer?’

  2. metalmanvideos says:

    Drunkenness can vary from person to person. For example, I’d probably act shit-faced after 2 or 3 beers (.05-.07), since I’m not a drinker. However, someone who is a heavier drinker is capable of taking more without much ill effect. But regardless of those parameters, one must be under .08 in order to not be legally drunk.

  3. creamyfilling102 says:

    to be fair, when most people talk on the phone they aren’t doing word puzzles. if x is 3 times y and y is less than z, is z greater or less than x?

  4. norriemgfbvz33a says:

    I win iphone just now!Say chesse!I’ve paly its powerful camera funtion. xlcGG

  5. pornxflake says:

    Officer! can you hand me a beer?

  6. harhainen says:

    “if my boyfriend finds out that i fart he might leave me” what, are there men like that in this world :D

  7. robsmith000 says:

    wait so they’re doing a DUI test….but they’re not allowd to be drunk?!?!? someone explain!

  8. kcssweetboy says:

    What if they use headsets?

  9. LucianSK says:

    My friend like to BB while driving though -.-

  10. deltaray3 says:

    5:48 Is this CHiPs ? That almost looks like Erik Estrada

  11. fred6059 says:

    There is a very graphic video on You Tube showing a girl on her cell phone and driving. She hits another car and her two best friends in the car are killed as are 3 people in the other car including a baby. The little girl who is left alive just lost her entire family due to one idiot and one cell phone. The idiot driver is going to prison for manslaughter plus she has to live with the fact that she just murdered five people. That video should be mandatory for every driver to watch.

  12. ThinkStage says:

    Everyone knows the dangers of texting and driving, so here is a video of what I am trying to do to prevent myself from texting and driving

  13. dimebagdarrellftw says:

    Lol how about getting drunk and driving and talking on the cell phone and changing lanes sound like a challenge

  14. MrOneofthousands1994 says:

    I think she said “Kicking Ass.”

  15. pinkflutterby89 says:

    Lol, that’d be a fun test!!!

  16. DonQuixotec says:

    You might be right, but I don’t notice any difference. As long as both my hands are free and I know where I am going it does not matter to me if I talk to people. If I am in an area that is unknown to me, and I am looking at signs to navigate myself to some place I’ve never been before, then I need more consentration, and I can’t really talk that much.

  17. toree117 says:

    Honestly, I normally drive without passengers, and when I do have a passenger to talk to, I notice a marked difference in my attention to driving. So I do not believe hands free really helps at all. And to say that you don’t drive worse while talking on a cell phone, do you really watch how you drive? I guarantee your driving probably worsens. If people would just concentrate on driving, instead of the other things they try to do in the car, traffic and accidents would decrease.

  18. Laurelindo says:

    I don’t know why, but I always thought Kary’s instructor seemed like a typical ladies’ man, lol.

  19. JonasClark says:

    I know a guy who’ll drive with his KNEES. While on the phone? At other times too, while he’s “relaxing”. Eek.

  20. nycpd75 says:

    what i call drunk is not 2 beers XD but more like 14 is fucking drunk xD

  21. Vampiress246 says:

    Cop:”What I need you to do is put your mouth over the tube here and blow..”
    Kari: “Slow or hard?”
    Cop:”Yeah, hard”
    I don’t even need to say anything xD

  22. qwexas says:

    I agree. Who doesn’t usually drive 1-handed? I only 2-hand if I’m in an unfamiliar car, on ice, or fast around tight corners. If holding the phone is the problem, then I might as well start using a phone, since I’m already driving 1-handed. By the law’s logic, why are sandwiches not banned?

  23. ThatGuyFromAustria says:

    American beer is like having sex in a canue — FUCKING CLOSE TO WATER!

  24. technomafia123 says:

    yea, this is really stupid that hands free is legal while the headset is not. you don’t even need any tests, just to think about it. how can the HOLDING of phone distract you from driving?! this is exactly the thinking about what you are speaking and to what you are listening what distracts you..

  25. kristycyw says:

    OMG that puzzle is so stupid its easy like crap but phrased so stupidly even i had problem figuring it out.

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