Nice Cellphone photos

A few nice cellphone images I found:

Starman cellphone strap

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Please check my profile to see how you can take this home. :)

doing small films with cellphones

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Many of my students are now in the process of making small films (2 minutes) which they upload and edit on The music they use must be "free" (CreativeCommons). As always when I try to do things in the classroom I haven’t done before, I have a disaster feeling (even if I have been teaching for 20 years). I will put hyperlinks to some of the movies on my blog:
Today many of the students just wandered around telling me they would do the work at home because the cell phone didn’t communicate with the school computers and all kind of silly explanation. I felt as a really negligent teacher and hid at my workroom.

Sakura Cellphone Signal

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The teachers were unaware of my travel plans, so the entire context would need to be explained

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