Nokia C7 Symbian smartphone review – part 1 of 2 – The Nokia C7 smartphone is powered by the Symbian^3 smartphone OS and features an nHD (640 x 360 pixel) capacitive touchscreen display and an 8 megapixel camera that can record HD video. It has 8GB of built-in storage and a microSD memory card slot that can be used for 32GB more. James Tromans takes a look at if for us in this two part video series. More info:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to Nokia C7 Symbian smartphone review – part 1 of 2

  1. darkwitchsorceress says:

    the ugly are the one who nitpicked! NOKIA is not a coppy cat. i bet you were once a NOKIA USER too.

  2. MasterSierra says:

    Excellents reviewer and review, like a documentary

  3. eliranja says:

    Stone age.

  4. ilydrazz says:


  5. wanderer1125 says:

    I have this phone and it works just fine! functions smoothly, decent display, unsatisfactory camera though. It may not have as much features as those in the IOS and androids but is a lot cheaper. Not a bad phone really.

  6. 07liberian says:

    @danielbum912 You Haven’t Seen A N8 Perform Smoothly ?…Watch My N8 Reviews :)

  7. danielbum912 says:

    @07liberian I do appreciate OSes that work with less power. But frankly I haven’t seen a single N8/C8 that perfromed smoothly at all. I even doubt it would with 1Ghz. And you hear that from a guy who uses Android, which isn’t known to be the smoothest OS either.. But when I complained about the specs of the Nokia flagships, my main concern was the display. Other than being OLED, let’s face it, it’s rubbish..
    Glad to hear the OVI store is improving, though, good luck.

  8. Ragnaroky237 says:

    Just how does nokia and symbian suck ?

  9. Derokai says:

    meego…come out!

  10. 07liberian says:

    @danielbum912 In Terms Of Specs The Higher Doesn’t Always Mean The Best, It Depends On The OS. Symbian Is’nt Like Android…It Does’nt Need 1ghz CPU And 512mb Ram To Perform Smoothly. 680mhz CPU And 256mb Ram Seems Just Fine On My N8.
    BTW The New Ovi Store Is’nt A Piece Of Shit Like It Used To Be. It Has Most Of The Main Apps That Are In Other App Stores.

  11. danielbum912 says:

    @digitulpunk Actually, yes, it just isn’t. Nokia used to build lovely phones, i had 2, and i liked both. But Nokia’s smartphones just aren’t smart. Begins with the rubbish specs on their BEST phones and ends with the poor, poor Ovi Store…

  12. digitulpunk says:

    @christermad Actually, no. Probably one of the best, if not the best OS out there.

  13. christermad says:

    Why does people “dislike” this video? The video review is good.. The phone’s OS are NOT…

  14. chikmaginet95 says:

    not a fan of these Nokia phones.

  15. VinnyLT9000 says:

    i want this phone.. i have an n95.. washed it by accident and dropped it in the ocean… suprisingly it still works like new.. Nokia’s build are the best more sturdy phones i’ve ever had and once i went nokia there was no going back.

  16. unlock4all says:

    visit : misophones . com

  17. 07liberian says:

    @tdkirk7 I Bought The N8 For The Camera And The Great Built-In Features That Are Not Found In Most Android Phones And The iPhone.
    Another Reason I Bought A Nokia Is Because I Know That I Can Very Easily Change The UI To Look And Operate Just Like Android And iOS If I Wanted To With A Few Quick Downloads.
    Check Out My N8 UI Review On My Page.
    I Turned My N8 Into A Fuckin Beast :)

  18. 07liberian says:

    @majinsha1 If You Think Nokia Sucks, Check Out My Nokia N8 UI Review On My Page.
    Prepare For Your Mind To Be Changed !

  19. RischelBoy says:

    @majinsha1 Well, atleast I can see that ou used alot of your time in making that comment, to make it the most intelligent sounding. Either way, there’s no reason to feed you, when you’re not willing to have an argument on a higher level than “im 12 and wat is dis”. Have a good and most fortunate day, while I search for a person setting reasoning and facts higher than ballsucking and assfucking.

  20. majinsha1 says:

    @RischelBoy you know, somehow i think you fuckin trolls are actually employees of nokia appointed to suppress discontentment among people. FAILLLL “nokia still suxxxx BALLS & COCKS”

  21. majinsha1 says:

    @RischelBoy i dont respond to f***** trolls. KISS MY ASS & GET THE FUCK OUT, GHETTO NIGGA.

  22. nobodyshearing says:

    after buying the nokia 5800 the day it came out, never nokia again!!! iOS or android :)

  23. mrparts says:

    so what’s new? another primitive symbian phone with slow screen response and poor usability?

  24. RischelBoy says:

    @majinsha1 Get the fuck out. No need for fanboys comments, made by a person, as we are on Youtube, who by all chance has neither the education nor qualification to make such a generalizing statement. You can have your opinion, but atleast give us reason to find behind your clearly biased statements.

  25. Mouthmusician says:

    I guess they should have put in a qwerty keyboard.

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