Nokia E71: A Smarter Smartphone

TSC’s Gary Krakow gives Nokia’s e71 a thorough workout and says it’s one of the best smartphones on the market today and gives iPhones, BlackBerries, Palms and Google phones a run for their money. Get our FREE BlackBerry application:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Teachers with four to nine years of experience were slightly more likely to use the internet for that purpose than those with fewer or more years in the classroom

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25 Responses to Nokia E71: A Smarter Smartphone

  1. tori2583 says:

    haha got mine for $214.00

  2. BSchorr says:

    Reveran – 3 days of stand by with limited use.. a few calls… a few texts… You will still end up chargin it every other day forsure!

  3. Reveran1 says:

    Been looking for a conclusive review about this phone. Also looking to use it with straight talk’s unlimited deal, and there two nokia smart phones up for grabs. The one thing that does concern me after this vid is that promise of 3 days battery life.

  4. VideoGuyNC says:

    This phone is now available on StraightTalk’s prepaid system for $199 + service. Unlimited everything for $45/month.

  5. wooolf99 says:

    Best of nokia!

  6. 97lovekills says:

    @WillPowter you mean 45 lol

  7. PenultimateRun says:

    Newegg is selling it

  8. WillPowter says:

    I just saw that this came out on Straight Talk and it’s $5 a month for unlimited everything which is CRAZY Good!

  9. wisdom261 says:

    @jezcol I had 2 Nokia E71 phones,so I can say its terrible phone.From the first E71 phone there was problems with the camera software.On the second E71 phone I cant access the Internet and the camera software is still faulty.Whilst also the phone sometimes crashes on me.

  10. jezcol says:

    @wisdom261 are you nuts

  11. wisdom261 says:

    the Nokia E71 is a terrible phone.

  12. kayarad says:

    i have n71. it is amazing phone, i like it so much.

  13. ronoj2 says:

    omg, this is the worst phone i have ever seen, why does every one love it even the black berry 8520 is better than this lol and every one knows how shit the 8520. can some one please tell me why u love this phone if u do coz if you do, then u must of never had a smart phone before

  14. tilesto says:

    @jpete3027666 are you sure you own original nokia phone? it may be chinese phone lol,i have E72 and it rocks

  15. jpete3027666 says:

    I had this phone. A few things I couldn’t figure out: the 2.5mm headphone jack? Did Nokia just do this to piss people off? And the camera sucks ass. Even in the best light the colors look distorted.

  16. toosexyformycat41 says:

    i ordered a white one, can’t wait to get my hands on it, and the best thing is, i only paid $199 unlocked no tax, free shipping…a deal? i think so

  17. wilso666 says:

    Love this phone, and love this video… mainly cause you’ve put “One” has the background music ahah

  18. cam9408 says:

    no offence but blackberry phones are really fat and shit! and i hate that leather on the back it makes it look like its for a old man!

  19. tika427 says:

    @TerminaorXX you can get around it. someone put a tutorial on youtube on how to delete those things. I haven’t tried it yet, but it doesn’t get in the way at all.

  20. tika427 says:

    @imsupernatural i got mine with att for $4.00 (not refurbished) under contract.

  21. ericadj12 says:

    my dad bought me this phone !! xD
    i’m happy with my phone! ^^
    Nokia e71 rules!!

  22. erindi23 says:

    NOKIA is way better :)

  23. mjkcproductions says:

    hey guys should i get this phone or the lg keybo 2? i am really not sure !!!?

  24. romanovdb says:

    I got it for 2 weeks “black steel edition” and it’s so much better then BB and Samsung it feels like your first macbook so perfect haha i love the radiostream i connect it with my hifi over bluetooth and connect the E71 over wiffi (cheap radio stream) perfect progam lots of stations! i use firefox barcode plugin (google it ) and scan with the nokia progam barcode of the site(via plugin,search it damn) and now you dont have to type the website anymore so futuristic and easy ducking cool

  25. NunoMAA says:

    The software is so so anoying!

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