Public Καλαμάτας – Η μεγαλύτερη γκάμα smartphones
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It’s time for another round-up of last week’s OSR action. Taylor is back in another weekly recap of PhoneDog’s Official Smartphone Rankings™. In week 45, end…

Looks like they’re now about to address fragmentation
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24 Responses to Public Καλαμάτας – Η μεγαλύτερη γκάμα smartphones

  1. kentjason22 says:

    He’s now with PocketNow.

  2. David Suarez says:

    Soo…. You left phone dog…

  3. snookervilleify says:

    He couldn’t fit through the door to complete it….

  4. austin4435123 says:

    Dude, what’s up with the “challenge”?

  5. vmt2323 says:

    DNA is still new destroys All smartphones

  6. snookervilleify says:

    Aaron rock’s this house….!

  7. ThePrideofSociety says:

    The smartphone rankings are just not the same without Aaron

  8. snookervilleify says:

    Bobby Hill from King of the Hill, is who Taylor is like…..

  9. snookervilleify says:

    But was corpulence in the job description, as an angle to pursue….

  10. Max Wolf says:

    Don’t bash on this guy, when someone leaves a company you have to hire a replacement right? Douchbags.

  11. IRIE4IPIER says:

    Saw a comment mention this below and I agree, this dude sounds just like the dude from knocked up. Fuck Arron, you people are gay. I bet most of you are gay dudes.

  12. CAdeNA89 says:

    The jig is up FATBOY!! xD

  13. mohamed salama says:

    Man i loved youre videos,keep up the great work.

  14. snookervilleify says:

    If he prefers the rotund angle that’s his due, but surely as we have seen, the dude can speak for himself……!

  15. Rich Self says:

    Snookervillefy he may not be the same size come next year u dont know if hes exercising or not. Maybe hes happy the size he is. Your fucking piece of shit snooker bitch a fy. Move on if u dont like him.

  16. snookervilleify says:


  17. Ben Stiller says:

    dont be so mean

  18. snookervilleify says:

    Maybe but hello, he did’nt stay that way…..!

  19. Lprd2007 says:

    Aaron started as a fatty too…

  20. guillermozenun says:

    Don’t hate on him I like how he has the voice of the guy from knocked up xD

  21. iSmackPeople4Fun says:

    says the milk look alike.

  22. patel2194 says:

    “its coming back soon”???? No hope for humanity.

  23. snookervilleify says:

    Walk fat boy, the diet plan is over there, Aaron rulz this roost, lard asses are sooo outta here……!!

  24. smartkorean1 says:

    Go home kid the king is back

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