Samsung Cellphone, Landscape View

A few nice cellphone images I found:

Samsung Cellphone, Landscape View

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Love my new cellphone! This image shows the phone opened to the larger viewing window in the Landscape view. The two previous photos show it in the Portrait view like most cellphones. The QWERTY keyboard is much easier to use when texting, and this larger view is great for reading my email on the phone and surfing the Net. I totally recommend this phone to anyone who really wants a Treo but is in the lower budget mode. It does everything I wanted it to do and more. Here is a with features and details. One reason I picked this unit is the ease of online use with Mobile Web 2.0 and it works great with gmail.

Handmade Cellphone Strap By Sumaya!

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^U^ Handmade cellphone straps done by podys friend!

Podyyy (my sis) opend an etsy shop xD
an shes like super happy about her shop and all!
XD she even came to me to borrow my hand for her photos! hah xD
she could have used hers but shes like " i dont have nails u do! can i use ur hands now?"

XDDDD I dont know what that has to do in getting her item sold lol

anyways :) check her shop out you might find something youd like ^u^~

Cellphone photography

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To avoid photographic temptations, i’ve stopped carrying my camera anywher (till the exams get done with). This sight was too good to be left unclicked. My cellphone did this! I love my cellphone!! Heehee!

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