Samsung Conquer 4G (Sprint) smartphone hands-on video tour – The Samsung Conquer 4G is the first WiMAX smartphone from Sprint to be released at a price point south of 0 on contract. Because of this lower price point, the Conquer 4G does not have the most up-to-date specs or the largest screen on the market. Its 1GHz Snapdragon processor and bone-stock build of Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread is no slouch though, and get the job done for most intents and purposes. The 3.5-inch screen is HVGA (320 x 480 pixel) resolution, but it appears to be noticeably granier and more pixelly than one would expect for a screen of this size. The Conquer 4G has a 3 megapixel rear camera, with flash and autofocus, and a 1.3 megapixel front-facing camera. It does not record HD video however. The Conquer 4G will be available from Sprint for .99 on-contract on August 21. More info:
Video Rating: 4 / 5 – The LG Optimus 2X is the first dual-core smartphone to hit the market. It runs the Android 2.2 Froyo OS and features a 4-inch WVGA display and an 8 megapixel camera that can record 1080p HD video and play it back over an HDMI connection. More info:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

And after watching this commercial I think you will agree

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50 Responses to Samsung Conquer 4G (Sprint) smartphone hands-on video tour

  1. RobynHode8 says:

    Wow, the new Samsung Hyperbole Generic. It does a few more things than the last generic Android phone and it only costs $2000 over a 2 year contact! What a deal!

  2. azouari6549821 says:

    can i find this phone in barcelona (spain)

  3. loverslush says:

    awesome side finger catch of the micro sd card at 2:37

  4. guterbol says:

    call 832 370 7505

  5. MrMurder96 says:

    @cbolton97 yes, actually u really can

  6. WestleySelfMade says:

    @2:37 swaggg

  7. cbolton97 says:

    @MOTACJ Right now Canada is the only place in North America to have the GS2. I think the rumors say it’s coming to Sprint sometime in early September. I live in Canada so I got no idea if Sprint is good. From what I’ve heard their 4G is somewhere between T-Mobile and AT&Ts HSPA+ and Verizon LTE but that’s just what I’ve heard.

  8. MrBarrbapapa says:

    Using materials like on the iphone for android phones (higher end ones) and Apple is busted

  9. dcseifert says:

    @MrToad321 Android can vary greatly from phone to phone. Plus, the performance of each phone varies. Showing how it handles standard operations can give a better idea at how well it performs. Eliminates as many variables as possible if you will.

  10. cbolton97 says:

    @ladyvee7110 I don’t really like there all plastic designs but you can’t go wrong with the GS2

  11. cbolton97 says:

    3.5 is way too small

  12. boydarkus123 says:

    My epic is a lot better

  13. ladyvee7110 says:

    Oh great, another Samsung phone. Blah…

  14. MrToad321 says:

    why do all reviewers keep doing the software reviews. it’s the same thing! android again and again and again

  15. syn010110 says:

    @kyokeun The Evo Shift 4G craps all over this phone and can be had on contract for a penny on Amazon Wireless, and $99 from Sprint directly.

  16. longstar741 says:

    @lopezr1000 It’s a better CPU, but the Hummingbird has a better GPU.

  17. ausio309 says:

    @lopezr1000 no, the 1st gen is not but the 2nd generation snapdragon is ( like on the thunderbolt)

  18. Dmac2021 says:

    I bet the phone is pretty fast. It’s a second generation Snapdragon clocked at 1ghz so it should be faster than say the nexus one, Evo 4g, etc…

  19. geabus1043 says:

    @houchi69 1998? lol phones didnt have cameras then :P

  20. erving25 says:

    What happen to michael oral? I can barely watch the videos due to your shaky’s so annoying

  21. javs6901 says:

    it looks cheap!

  22. lopezr1000 says:

    is the qualcomm processor faster than the hummingbird?

  23. kyokeun says:

    @houchi69 It’s a budget level smartphone that supports flash. I think it’s a pretty good deal for people who wants 4g but doesn’t want to spend 200-250 bucks. And plus there is still a phone with 1.3-2 mega pixel camer

  24. kyokeun says:

    @MrMurder96 But then again, who wants flash on that small screen? :P

  25. kyokeun says:

    @dcseifert Ya I just finished watching it

  26. TheAwezome1997 says:

    how do i modify the display? :p

  27. hamdustan says:

    Getting this phone tomorrow!!..Fuck the Iphone!

  28. TheJureRijeka says:

    @mrhammer1997 but it isn’t the first SMARTphone to hit the market ;) )

  29. mrhammer1997 says:

    no the motorola atrix is the first dual core phone to hit the market

  30. StarZu93 says:

    @poisonblack83 nope…its called IPS LCD Display..same technology as Retina Display

  31. StarZu93 says:

    @ARSENALBOY53 4.0 inch

  32. StarZu93 says:

    @TheAngryMo for sure 2x…DUAL CORE brooo

  33. TheAngryMo says:

    Which one is more bang for its buck, the HTC Desire S or LG Optimus 2x?

  34. xXSherviNXx says:

    @darylrecon I see. Sounds like something I’d buy. Thanks for the review also.

  35. darylrecon says:

    @xXSherviNXx heh. the keyboard for andriod is pretty stable and user friendly. it is about the same as samsung galaxy S2. Optimus 2x is much more economical to get hold of compared to galaxy S2 (costly). However, if you are a heavy user, it is recommended that you get an additional battery as the battery life might be drained before you know it as the screen is huge therefore taking a toll on the battery =) You could try out for a week first before making a decision to get an extra battery =)

  36. TheFilipsed says:

    I have it it is great
    Touchscreen is great
    Screen-4 inches

  37. ARSENALBOY53 says:

    how big is the screen

  38. xXSherviNXx says:

    Please answer quickly. Is the touch screen good? I had an Acer Liquid E and the touch screen sucked, I couldn’t send texts cause the keyboard was very hard to use. Is this one like that as well?

  39. poisonblack83 says:

    its not like nova display ?!? :S

  40. vex0009 says:


    same as every smart phone
    it will last a day if u dont do too much gaming n websurfing

  41. mrwaqas100 says:

    what about the battery life..?

  42. mrwaqas100 says:

    what about the battery life…?

  43. uploader755 says:

    @vex0009 you can download an app called zeam, it replaces your home screen and you can have up to 9 individual screens.

  44. vex0009 says:

    i can’t change the amount of home screen
    it’s stuck at 5
    having 7 screen was one of the reason why i bought this thing
    oh well its still a really cool phone

  45. Aqeelious says:

    @grannysunderlandont ya me 3 !

  46. grannysunderlandont says:

    @jamsons93 ya me too

  47. grannysunderlandont says:

    @jamsons93 ya me too

  48. Aaxel95 says:

    at 7:37 i was like ” oh shit a screamers is gonna pop out”

  49. p13m4n says:

    @PtolemaiosXIII What you typed here is so mind bogglingly retarded that I had a seizure. Thanks a lot.

  50. MrChicanery says:

    hey can someone help me out here. should i get this phone or a samsung galaxy sII? Thanks!

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