Samsung Galaxy Exhilarate LTE Smartphone – AT&T Mobile Minute

The Samsung Galaxy Exhilarate is AT&T and Samsung’s first LTE smartphone to be certified with a platinum rating by UL Environment. This Samsung LTE smartphone has housing that is made from 80 percent recycled materials and an energy efficient charger. The Exhilarate has a crisp display, Scorpion processor, voice recognition technology and mobile hotspot feature.
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As long as I don’t have to pay extra for it basic water-resistance is enough absolutely, all phones should be completely waterproof, whatever the cost no way
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15 Responses to Samsung Galaxy Exhilarate LTE Smartphone – AT&T Mobile Minute

  1. DS4547 says:

    Iv’e just purchased a Galaxy exhilarate, The warranty guide says it’s hearing aid compatable. I can’t find any thing about it. HELP

  2. jean6826 says:

    I got mine in that price on Amazon Wireless…it went for $39.99 for like 3 weeks between 12/11 and 01/12.

  3. MizzouDawg123 says:

    hey where did u get the skyrocket for $39.99? ive been wanting to get one but cheap lol

  4. XFuZioN786 says:

    Is this available ib the uk

  5. kubeanie18 says:

    i own it wish i new it had last gen processer and the old android man im mad lol

  6. babycookiemonzter says:

    This Phone Vs. GS3 ugh No … Going 4 the Galaxy S3

  7. bioroid09 says:

    what about the att sony xperia ion being released on jun 24 for $99

  8. jean6826 says:

    Pshh, I got a brand new Galaxy SII Skyrocket for $39.99. 4.5″ screen, 8 MP back, 2 MP front and 1.5 GHz.

  9. ObeyMyRoyalty says:

    This phone looks so small.

  10. gencerker says:

    I wanna but iy, from where can i find this phone?

  11. tuazoncjtech says:

    its 1:47 mins almost 2 mins. Mobile Minute??

  12. Mirolta says:

    Galaxy Exhilarate is made of eco-friendly re-cycled materials…

  13. forevermusicizing says:

    …this phone is just as good as my atrix 4g (now running a CM9 ICS rom)…( which i got the week it came out) and sucks compared to my transformer prime. my next phone is going to be the Atrix 3 or GS3

  14. TheMontecarlo85 says:

    its crazy that a super amoled display with h.d. recording, LTE, a dual core processor are now mid tier phones … maybe even low tier! Crazy!

  15. Kyong Han says:


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