Scammers target cellphone users with family threats

Several local law enforcement agencies are putting out a warning to Maryland residents about a new telephone scam in which people are preying on victims by u…
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David Pogue says T-Mobile’s billing makes a lot more sense than that of its competitors. Related article: Please visit…

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21 Responses to Scammers target cellphone users with family threats

  1. Ryan Sabacky says:

    Oh and data throttling is bad and if you have issues you speak with mike from india. Just word of advice.

  2. Ryan Sabacky says:

    Switched to sprint from tmobile.

  3. Imandrewyall says:

    So how much would the total be if I walk in a t mobile store and buy it? I’m a new customer I never had this company but you said no contract which means you don’t need credit right?

  4. 1vdn992 says:

    Oddly enough I like T-Mobile for their Pre-Paid service, $100 for a 1000 anytime minutes that last 365 days, and coverage has been very good just about anywhere I go.

  5. MagicVideosX says:

    (:  ~_~ -_- O_o …

  6. dpenaz7 says:

    Switching over……..,,,now

  7. fausto412 says:

    T mobile will be in my short list soon based on this alone! att’s billing is retarded.

  8. aNiReXx says:

    *61 seconds

  9. Gui Ri says:

    I am so going to t mobile tommorow. Im tired of all of at&t’s high prices. & they dont even have good service either

  10. mvo5mvo says:

    T-Mobil sucks! I had them in the past as my carrier and it was a nightmare. No service in most places. Yuck! I will never go back to them!

  11. natyher1310 says:

    t-mobile and metro pcs is the same company !!! and they are doing exactly what metro pcs been doing since the beginning !! finally a company that realize what customers wants, good thing t-mobile made the smart decision to get together with metro..

  12. blaticavenue says:

    Shit! T-Mobile, come up quick; I’m staring to hate AT&T. -_- <|

  13. TheLonelyImmortal says:

    I like this guy :) He did a TED talk, if anyone’s interested.

  14. OldSerpentOfSin says:


  15. MagicVideosX says:

    Subcribe my channel ^_^

  16. equn says:

    Every industry has diff rules, margins, etc.

  17. radioheadshirt says:

    Wooo…it only took what, 15 years for the free market to solve this one?

  18. MixPancake22 says:

    Switching to T-Mobile soon. 

  19. Seth Wright says:

    Totally agree! I hope consumers reward Tmobile for being so bold

  20. IYQUC (read those letters) says:

    Awesome video.

  21. carddealer1214 says:

    LOLz luv it!

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