Send a scent with your message with the Scentee (ChatPerf) smartphone addon #DigInfo

Send a scent with your message with the Scentee (ChatPerf) smartphone addon ( 10/5/2013 ChatPerf Inc. Scentee (ChatP…

William mckersie, a senior program officer for education at the cleveland foundation, said it was vital to gather the traditional adversaries around the same table for a common cause improving education
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25 Responses to Send a scent with your message with the Scentee (ChatPerf) smartphone addon #DigInfo

  1. Juan Gracias says:

    “Ayo girl can I have your numba?” **sends chloroform scent**

  2. xxuraksxx says:

    Can I send farts or poop scents to people who piss me off? Lmfao

  3. xxuraksxx says:

    So can I send farts or poop smells to people who piss me off lmfao.

  4. burros2790 says:

    How does the other person get the scent if it comes from your phone? PS this is gay

  5. bwoodfinest1990 says:

    Couldnt you kill someon ed with it…

  6. 702nvegas says:

    Make her snatch smell better

  7. GearBoxSpartan says:

    Next thing you know, people be texting you iFarts in class

  8. christ1ian1mas says:

    Waste of money

  9. aus101999 says:

    You can use the weed app for android!! “smoke a bowl” “roll a joint”

  10. candybar030 says:

    Can make your dick smell good after you beat off.

  11. RunninRebelBen says:

    My old roommates and I always used to send each other voice notes of farts and always wished there was such a thing as a smell note. If only this were a thing when I was still in that phase. Oh to be a caveman again.

  12. mushtaqsamim98 says:

    Haha send someone some carbon monoxide

  13. Jmod234 says:

    This is the dumbest thing ever

  14. ShortFreakyDude says:

    Japanese find the weirdest things amuzing

  15. rafox23 says:

    First thing that came to my mind was sending a fart. I see I’m not alone!

  16. junior mesa says:

    I remember everyone like 4 yrs ago imagined this and it real now

  17. Beentakenaway123 says:


  18. SLpr0ductionss says:

    that’s exactly what we need….says with sarcasm

  19. babyboy758123 says:

    Send chloroform

  20. Tbone Scriv says:

    I would said my fart to everyone

  21. Wolfgirlxoxo124 says:

    Why? Why would we want to send a scent? How about we get less lazy and go outside for some fresh scent.

  22. Basil Abushama says:

    now you can get high, virtually!

  23. GrammarNazi456 says:

    People would just use this to send their farts.

  24. StrungSide says:

    Of course asains would make something stupid

  25. ASAP Rocky says:

    Already preordered mine!

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