Smart Phones and Dumb People

We all are living our lives within the Net World where we LIKE peoples’ posts but don’t give them expression of love in real beautiful world. Phones are beco…

Under the pressures of test conditions the g flex 2 was making it through a day of heavy use quite easily
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25 Responses to Smart Phones and Dumb People


    when i was little, i spend my time with adventure!! fell from the tree or
    bike, play a kite in rice field even play in the mud or river. that is very
    wonderful for me, i would give everything to repeat that moment again, im
    sorry for kids today, they just sit and play tablet or online games in
    their home.

  2. Carium says:

    It’s a video about getting off the internet on the internet… need I say

  3. Emily Brown says:

    Smart Phones and Dumb People:

  4. Hendriono Dede says:

    Make the smartphone as a tool, but do not make the smartphone as a friend

  5. Bernard Smith says:

    This might be the best video I’ve seen all year real talk and I know its
    mad Old

  6. alexis alejandro says:

    I love this video ..i never want to have a phone…for so many
    opportunities have already been missed

  7. Michael Greenslade says:

    Smart Phones and Dumb People:

  8. progressima says:

    such a drama LOL!!!

  9. Manu Srivastava says:

    We are generation of idiots- smart phones and dumb people #mustwatch

  10. Jadon M says:

    wow!!!!!!!!! my thoughts exactly wrapped up!!!! 

  11. Adeeb Azhar says:

    The video is so true…. When you think of the 80′s-90′s; those were the
    times when we didn’t have such technology and yet those are the memories we

  12. farida eldegwy says:

    Smart phones and dumb people :( excuse me if I can’t speak english good but
    really sitting on the phone 7 hours is more boring than go to a tennis
    practise for 2 and half hours I love getting out with my friends who make
    me forget to look at my phone I hate the new technology we only live once
    and these stuff can make our life so bad because like you said we miss alot
    of chances :/

  13. Brian C says:

    durr hburr techonology is bad fire is scary and thomas edison was a witch

  14. Kajsa Olsson-Gustaver says:

    So well done! So true in many ways. Thank you! Shared it on Facebook now.

  15. Kurdt Kobain says:

    is it okay.. if this video made me cry?

  16. Richard Boggs says:

    All I can say is maybe that’s enough internet for today. Thank you

  17. Frank Ansley says:

    This was a powerful statement of the human condition going down a sad
    lonely path. Thank you for sharing this. 

  18. melissa ann says:

    This SHOULD be played in high schools. Their’s sooo many teachers that tell
    the kids to put down their cell phone, BUT, the teachers have their cell
    phones on the desk. It may/may not help, but couldn’t hurt to be played.

    Think we lost the art of talking to people. Whatever happened to going and
    seeing people and just hanging out?? Granted its a new “script” of a world
    we live in now vs back then, still did we REALLY become THAT disconnected
    to one another?? Hope not. That’s sad, and this video makes you really STOP
    and THINK how we’ve become like robots looking at screens and missing out
    on the little moments. Don’t get me wrong, were all guilty of it because
    I’m typing this and you’re reading this so were both looking at screens.
    Think its time to put the cell phone down and plug into the world.


  19. Rilan Hirsch says:

    this video most definitely made me look at today’s smart phones with a
    different prespective

  20. Sandeep Singh Reyal says:

    awsome … i hope as humans we should let ourselves knw dis thing :) 

  21. J Pitts says:

    this is the kind of pseudo-intellectual bullshit that makes me want to
    vomit. fuck your shit “”"poetry”"”, instead of joining the anti-technology
    bandwagon why don’t you stop sucking the asshole of paranoid baby boomers
    and think for yourself. 

  22. Starkc 123 says:

    Muy cierto los smart phones acercan a los que estan lejos y te vuelven
    invisibles con los que te rodean


    whats the instrumental? 

  24. Christians9955 says:

    so true… and sad. 

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