Smartphone Ergonomics – Safe Tips – Mobile or Smart Phone Use while Driving, Traveling on the Move

Ergonomic and Safe use of mobile or smart phones devices for recreation or work can bring you great benefits if you adopt healthy habits by using them as while Driving, Traveling or on the Move. Awareness of local laws, correct posture, regular breaks and a proper adjustment of equipment can help prevent or relive occupational work stresses or disorders such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Back / Neck Pain or vision care when using Smartphones. Adult or Child Laptop Use at Home, Work or Classroom: Laptop Use while Traveling on Planes, Trains and in Hotels: Mobile or Smart Phone Use while Driving, Traveling or on the Move: Follow these basic Smartphone safety tips to improve your experience: √ To help prevent accidents: • Do not use the phone at the wheel without handsfree, and use this only when safe. • Turn off the phone or silence these when you are driving. • When walking pay attention to your surroundings. √ To relieve muscle tension in the neck: • Avoid holding the phone between the face and shoulder. • Use a headset microphone and auxiliary to avoid awkward postures. • Put the phone up to your chest to get the neck in line with back. √ To relieve muscle tension of the fingers: • Alternate between thumbs and other fingers to type. • Keep wrists straight and relaxed to hold and use the device. √ To relieve stress at the hearing: • Adjust the brightness and size of fonts. √ Take breaks between 2 and 3 minutes every 15

As a human who’s worked in a school for a while, I recognize the recycled jargon of the whole child, unstructured, content-light, 1970s reform regime where teachers facilitate and children choose their own academic adventures
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  1. FlacCanon says:

    I can’t but notice that the exercise thing is just plain stupid

  2. leo08li03 says:

    Very good video! :D

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