SmartPhone Medic-iPhone 4 White, Red, Blue or Pink Conversion Kits

What to give your boring black iPhone 4 some color and style? Well check out the new colors that we have for the iPhone 4. You can now turn your black iPhone 4 into a red, blue, pink or white iPhone 4. The colors look really good!

Sprint gives us a demo of the HTC EVO 4G, a WiMax Android smartphone with HTC Sense UI, with key features including an 8-megapixel camera, 720p HD video recording and encoding, HDMI output to TV, large 4.3-inch capacitive touchscreen, mobile hotspot app, kickstand for multimedia consumption experience, and more. The device also has a fast Snapdragon processor. This is the smartphone to beat!

But there is no question that the conversations will continue

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29 Responses to SmartPhone Medic-iPhone 4 White, Red, Blue or Pink Conversion Kits

  1. SmartPhoneMedic says:

    @PalaciosN22 if you want us to do it yes you will have to send your iPhone in to us. If you want to do it we can send the kit out to you. We don’t know yet if it will work with the Verizon iPhone 4. We have not gotten our hands on the screen for the Verizon iPhone so we will have to wait and see.

  2. PalaciosN22 says:

    do i have to send my phone to yo guys in order for me to get the red one? also I’m going to have the verizon iphone will this work for it?

  3. SmartPhoneMedic says:

    @thetechfixer thanks. Currently the price is $234.

  4. thetechfixer says:

    Those are cool! How much?

  5. 025ctk says:

    check out htc on talktracker . net

  6. Imbetterthanmost says:

    @sulliswanton HAHAHAHAHA

  7. Imbetterthanmost says:

    @alexkills trust me EVO is the way to go… I used to have a demo on my old page but it got deleted :( .

  8. apaulpol says:

    @sulliswanton lol i heard it too.

  9. sulliswanton says:

    3:31 “Wether it’s my dick” ?! WTF

  10. 025ctk says:


  11. alexkills says:

    My dilemma is…

    EVO 4g or SAMSUNG EPIC 4g.

  12. BunnyInTheIsland says:

    search for ‘bunnyinthisland’ android game.

  13. munozinho says:

    @fadedimageofyou Check sprints website

  14. STORYKIDDOE says:

    dude this is a weird looking iphone

  15. jermarcus12345 says:

    i luv du evo4G

  16. moldeecheese says:


    Me: Why do you like the iPhone?
    Other person: Because it’s an iPhone! It’s the best phone.
    Me: Why?
    Other person: It has apps!
    Me: Lots of phones have apps, and many phones have much faster processors.
    Other person: Whats a processor?
    Me: -_-

  17. fadedimageofyou says:

    This phone is fantastic but, I hate the fact I have to pay additional 10$ more for 4g when my city don’t have 4g yet. I better get what I’m paying for that 4g. Anyone know when 4g is available in san Diego?

  18. Hotjenn says:

    I love my phone, but I am still not able to synchronize music into it, how do i do it? Using windows media player??

  19. juanga251 says:

    I love this iphone!

  20. superfroggyfrog says:

    HTC EVO IS THE MOST FUCKINGLY AWESOME PHONE EVER!!!!! All Apple iPhone’s suck huge smelly hairy ass balls!!!

  21. sweetdreamstoall says:

    i love this phone best phone i ever had thx for the review

  22. LilYBOD says:

    man the evo looks really good…hmm too bad it’s #teamiphone for life lmaolmao!!

  23. SLYFOX944 says:

    @jesusfreak704 hey if you root/jailbreak or hack that evo, its unstopable,my cousin has the evo and rooted/hacked that mofo and put it against my iphone and see whos faster and that evo wasnt playing around.

  24. SLYFOX944 says:

    the evo is nothing nice and i own a iphone and the iphone is not in the evo’s league,trust me! you iphone fans dont know what your dealing with =EVO

  25. Jesusfreak704 says:

    I bought the red extended 3500 mah on e-bay for 14.99 and my Evo last all day long…even after bieng on the web and playing games…so Im glad I bought it…especially for the low price I got it for!

  26. MasterGamerJK says:

    programs like task killer actually kill your battery faster. Based on the way android saves programs you close to memory and does not actually keep them running like ios does., thus by running task killer as a daemon you lose more battery power than if you let android handle it itself.

  27. munyauleD says:

    hey wat movie trailer is that seems like a cool movie.ty

  28. caforever25 says:

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