Smartphone News for September 22nd 2011 “Is the iPhone 5 dead for now?”

Today’s Smartphone News brought to you by

But every now and then it’s kind of nice to revisit old sms
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25 Responses to Smartphone News for September 22nd 2011 “Is the iPhone 5 dead for now?”

  1. nonbiasamigo says:

    iphone are for homos

  2. superbcool10 says:

    no they just announced the announcing of the next iphone(s) :) hope is meets my expectations or i will stay on my s2

  3. infused2359 says:

    iPhone is for girls. Everyone knows that. Craig, get a new mic.

  4. daflyiztchic says:

    Hi Craig, I’ve been holding out forever for the Galaxy S 2 forever now, but u have me curious about window phones. Which of the two do u recommend?

  5. adanoreyes says:

    If the iphone 5 gets delayed again ima get the gs2

  6. Royaltiezz7 says:

    @TheNikkosacopanio wtf does that have to do with anything fukface

  7. Stupeflyer says:

    fuck i might actually get the galaxy s 2 instead of the iphone 5

  8. CityFlashLights says:

    @stealthmintblue there are gonna be 2 phones, 4s, and 5

  9. DeeDeeDanone says:

    Funny channel, in a creepy old man kinda way.

  10. TheNikkosacopanio says:

    this man is really old …need to retire

  11. AsianQwest says:

    Phone comparisons plzzzzzzzz

  12. eliteslayer29 says:

    Fuck that shit. When I just want iOS 5. When the iPhone 6 comes out if it isn’t that good then im going to Galaxy S

  13. Rayz093 says:

    I’m tired of my iphone4, not waiting for iphone5, moving to samsung galaxy s 2

  14. hecl10 says:

    I think this….apple fear samsung …the Galaxy S II its too good, and they cant make an iphone to compete with it yet….thats what i think

  15. afas1976 says:

    Hey guys i heard there’s a new delay for iphone 5, according to some rumors from Taiwan from the inquirer, there’s a problem with the screen. Actually there are bubbles on some iphone screens that make shipments to stop.

  16. bennyhbh647 says:

    IPhone is good in apps but not good for customizing like android.

  17. stealthmintblue says:

    Great show man!!
    It’ll be a relief to get a keynote speech on the upcoming iPhone
    5, 4s, or whatever it will be.
    All of these rumors are pissing me off!

  18. lemonadeez says:

    iAm excited.
    Who is the chick.

  19. TheGoater1220 says:

    Dude your videos are great I love the cussing and until next time…. It ain’t gonna suck itself lmfao

  20. Nabeelfahim says:

    I miss your comparison videos.

  21. codel123456789 says:

    i like it before when u talked super fast

  22. Bnnyalxmata says:

    @InitialDAmine thank you :)

  23. blackrose01922 says:

    3rd and final

  24. InitialDAmine says:

    @Bnnyalxmata and you are gay

  25. Bnnyalxmata says:


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