Smartphone pictures pose privacy risks

Pictures you’ve e-mailed or uploaded from your smartphone could leak information that can threaten your safety or that of your children. Visit to read much more on this investigation.
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Those factors were at play in last november’s school board election in escondido, in southern california
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24 Responses to Smartphone pictures pose privacy risks

  1. Markus Thomas says:

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    Enjoy that!

  2. Sara Beydoun says:

    Ok, they tell us the threat, and they show us how to find the photo info. Very smart.

  3. ahsajjsjihanahanah says:


  4. Melinda Ledsome says:

    Currently Facebook strips all the metadata from images you upload, this may have been different back in 2010 when this article was produced. In the current version of Facebook the only way someone will know where the photo was taken is if you tag it with a location when you upload it.

    However, photo sharing sites, like Flickr, do pull the metadata and publish it with the photo – unless you set the option to remove it upon upload.

  5. vaguy78 says:

    You don’t have to turn off GPS or location services if you want them, just disable geotagging in your camera ap.

  6. EyeMadeRain says:

    What exactly is the risk? That some perv is going to browse photos until they find someone nearby? Why can’t they just drive by a school or mall or arcade? Maybe all kids should wear burqas when out in public?

  7. photogirl800mm says:

    I don’t ever have my gps turned ON. I don’t “check in” to places online, etc. etc.

  8. celiandben says:

    That’s all assuming that the GPS on the phone is accurate. Mine is always wrong by several blocks! Have fun with that, stalkers!!

  9. KAASL4 says:

    That’s why I was skeptical about getting my Youtube channel….the only reason I got it was for class, and I take the labs down as soon as I get my grades back….

  10. LuminaRyAndromeda says:

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  11. halo d says:

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  12. deaconous1 says:

    use free pixelgarde on you phone to share.

  13. deaconous1 says:

    use free pixelgarde to share safely from mobile phones.

  14. popca1ent says:

    So, the guy at 1:05 is an internet crime expert and he’s impressed that a cellphone equiped with a GPS can give the exact location where a picture was taken?

    What kind of internet crime expert is this guy?

    By the way, if you turn the GPS off, the cellphone can still figure out your location based on the nearest cell antenna. It’s not as accurate as a GPS though, but still pretty accurate.

  15. Junior Granados says:

    Once he said turn off GPS i turn that shit off in a sec

  16. undisputed4life says:

    Somebody posted a picture of their child on Twitter.

    Better drive 5 hours to stalk them.

  17. DEizasterpiece83 says:

    !!! its nice that people are being warned about this stuff, but wouldnt it make more sense to leave out the details on where to go and how to do it!? just say, people can track you from your pics that you post, set it to private! i bet after watching this i can easily figure out how to stalk people now. way to go geniuses.

  18. xgaygreg says:

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  19. thunderstrike9999 says:

    It’s a default setting that comes like that because it allows the distributor to track where the phones are, even if they’re stolen before being sold, if a phone gets lost, even post sale they can find it, and it allows for navigation on maps and a variety of positive uses, it’s just a shame in can be used in such a negative way also

  20. mom24733bk says:


  21. TheTufter says:

    Metadata remover such as the free BatchPurifier LITE can remove GPS info from pics.

  22. gabssnake says:

    true. if only companies cared for humans as much as money.

  23. tas67 says:

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  24. bowenbathome says:

    What were my myths or ignorance?
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