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Smartphone Shootout – Phones 4u has pitted three of the top camera phones against the new kid in town, the Sony Xperia S, to find out which one can draw the fastest when it comes to capturing photos. We review the Wild West’s meanest mobile phones — the iPhone 4S, Galaxy S2 and Nokia Lumia 800 — to see if they have what it takes to hold their ground against the newbie in the P4u Smartphone Shootout. Will the Galaxy S2′s 8 megapixel camera reign supreme? Or will that old boy Carl Zeiss and his lens give the Nokia Lumia the edge? And let’s not forget the iPhone 4S’ 8MP cannon with its fancy illumination technology that could get the gals feeling fruity. Whilst this competition is mainly about speed and the fastest capture, we’re also looking for crisp vivid images to blow us out of the water. It’s no good being fast if you’re a terrible shot. Now let’s get to the snapshot showdown. This town ain’t big enough for the four of ya’ll! Draw!! For the full lowdown on the epic shootout, visit DO SUBSCRIBE: FOLLOW US: Stick with us at Phones 4u – we regularly upload reviews, tips, news and tutorials to engage with a community of people who love mobile technology as much as we do. At Phones 4u we are passionate about cameras on smartphones — especially as they’re getting better and better all the time. It seems that clear video capture and quality photos are not exclusive luxuries for those who’ve

Pantech vega 5 is a tablet phone in the tradition of the dell streak, rocking a 5 display, android 2

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25 Responses to Smartphone Shootout – Phones 4u

  1. fernandesgomes44 says:

    Sorry but sony still the fastest and has the best quality.

  2. mobilecrazy1000 says:

    Galaxy 3 going kick all of this off

  3. Insanarchyable says:

    I nearly head butted my screen :|

  4. hitkid74 says:

    that narrators voice nearly made me go to sleep.

  5. gtawesom3 says:

    Htc one x will woop any of those.

  6. SoulFatPanda says:

    that guy talks so fast.. i was just like O.O

  7. Humaneering says:

    RobotRuss sez good

  8. hardaker44 says:

    No HTC?

  9. FictitiousWarrior says:

    Love how the girls have the Lumia And iPhone

  10. haikallptube says:

    not an apple iphone user but iOS 5.1 with camera icon on the lock screen dramatically improves the camera startup time.

  11. nayem07 says:


  12. BonakiD24 says:

    They didn’t put the Google Galaxy Nexus Because surely it would win. Lol I guess it’s no morethan a second.

  13. poligomm says:

    Apple make almost nothing with there phone, Sony make the camera, LG make the screen, Motorola makes the processor and Samsung make the A5 chip (or whatever they call it) and the rest of the phones innards.

  14. Straightullah says:

    yup! i think this is the best storytelling smartphone yet.

  15. Straightullah says:

    aahhh! apple fanbot strikes again :P

  16. poligomm says:

    Ironically, the GSII and 4S both use a camera made by sony

  17. zigabest says:

    Nokia rules!

  18. cicmann says:

    samsung thrown on the dirt. thats where it belongs! and nokia having no experience in camera technology tells you everything you need to know which cameras for smartphones are better.

  19. robimolina87 says:

    oh sorry I was looking some legs, where you talking about phones???

  20. c3806md says:

    stupid, iphone camera is MADE in Japan BY SONY, APPLE dont make anything, only contract to Japan and Asian, paint it with Laca and Sell it Twice or three to Stupid like you

  21. Jeffrey2894 says:

    since many are not happy that xperia s has better camera and N8 still leads. (according to many)
    phones4u, would you be kind enough to do another camera shootout with Xperia S & N8?
    i would like to see it and im excited

  22. MrCocorekkio says:

    Could we see one camera sample of Xperia S that you shot during that test?

    Thank you!

  23. xoph86 says:


  24. cyclopss2009 says:

    No Nokia N8 in the shootout. Seems like a wise choice to exclude it, since its STILL the king of mobile photography. Got you dudes. ;)

  25. MACCBI123 says:

    that is not true the best 4S

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