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Video Rating: 4 / 5

In this video I go over the newly announced Intel Smartphone, showing off its new ATOM 1.6 ghz processor. It is however a reference design. Actual footage of it in action. For more info check out.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

The fact is, as much as elliott loves politics, she loves teaching even more, and she has no intention of giving that up

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  1. xaedmon says:

    Our growing dependence on an external source of artificial intelligence is shrinking innate capacity for critical, analytical & intuitive thinking, the effect of this cause is loss of individuality, independence & original thought, making us DEPENDENT on an externalized authority to dispence collective intelligence. Empowered phones = disempowered people, As we collectively connect without, we disconnect individually within. But at least we will all LOOK & FEEL smart, THATS the important part!

  2. adheproe says:


  3. 0skydogstekstuff0 says:

    I want that!

  4. TheConceptDude says:

    smartphones are awesome and i dont know who would buy a flip phone

  5. JackQuezDaGreat says:

    Jackson State needs to use that app

  6. TheAppreviewer14 says:

    Dude your fucking black :D

  7. Laguy211 says:

    This guy is fucking funny lol

  8. nickbouwhuis says:

    Soooooooooooooo. How’s your girlfriend?

  9. GmnisAwesome says:

    Thanks for stereotyping more against handheld gamers.

  10. rodx1977 says:

    if the teacher is in the same classroom as you are then why use this app anyway. it is useful for instance if it is a remote lecture and your teacher is miles away…

  11. MrAdeelah says:

    i wan tthat at my school

  12. lacay2010 says:

    i love my Galaxy S 2 lol

  13. DaBestTech says:

    lol cool video

  14. IamDominator2000 says:

    Comic turtle, with ya all the way. Today people have THE LOWEST EQ’s EVAR!!!! And if you don’t know what EQ is it’s emotional quo. You can’t learn to communicate by staring at a screen all day!

  15. KomicTurtle says:

    Talking personally is the way to go. I’m telling you, Smartphones is making people less vocal these days and real lazy. I mean, who freaks out about an app that’s really sooo simple and well.. Not really a huge deal. Different strokes for different folks. But people are a bit over enthusiastic about apps and they need to take it down from 35 to 5.

  16. Eaglefanatic2121 says:

    your so hilarious :D

  17. callumsifone says:

    run n tell that homeboy!

  18. TheAks30 says:

    one on one…xD

  19. SanderLeopard says:

    Isn’t your phone some kind of handheld gaming device?

  20. xXsolar99Xx says:

    You should get the Open Pandora! It’s a full Linux-based PC the size of a DS!

  21. alexisxavier92 says:

    I loved it!

  22. MattSm130 says:

    I’d love something like that! At my school when people don’t understand something, the teachers seem to get really annoyed and make you feel stupid, so this’d stop people from worrying about asking questions.

  23. 3mileslin says:

    ‘tsup with the new thumbnails?

  24. jjwetyghoi says:


  25. xKizika says:

    I would love to have that app in every type of school O.O Well, that’s not true..but I still really like it.

  26. TaviYamato says:

    the game sucks

  27. iWearGlassesLOL says:


    Dude.. speed isnt the only advantage of having more cores. If properly multi-threaded, a weaker dual/quad core processor consumes less power than a single powerful core. Less heat means less power means longer battery life.

  28. kaktuspot says:

    what OS is that?

  29. im1greatman says:

    @terorvlad A single core CPU from any manufacturer cannot beat a quad core CPU. Sorry, it just won’t happen. Tell that to Intel which in the process of making their quad core Intel Atom CPU’s.

  30. terorvlad says:

    @im1greatman you are wrong, we need powerfull cores, not a shitload of weak cores. a very powerfull single core could manage to play crysis 1 and I think this is what intel is trying to achive, I mean AMD already have 8 cores that are as powerfull as the quad cores from intel. not to say that most games are not multi core optimsed

  31. tazswagg says:

    Wats new ?….

  32. im1greatman says:

    Where are the Damn quad cores? We don’t need single or duel core phones anymore! We need more power & better batteries for smartphones!

  33. Wildbluefrogger says:

    @MrComambo I have an iphone 4s too… but it doesn’t play modern combat that well on a big screen like that… its glitchy at times of larger battles

  34. IMx2Fly says:

    Claro Que NO!

  35. Nosloveingneko says:

    @windergc No hating on him. Its not easy to keep up to date with EVERYTHING in technology.

  36. MrComambo says:

    Ummm…. My iPhone plays modern combat a lot less laggy than that and also that dragon fly game is just a rip off of tiny wings…

  37. windergc says:

    @Nosloveingneko yea, this guy claims to be a “tech guy”… lolz.

  38. iReplaay says:

    I think Apple’s gonna die.

  39. clarinervium says:

    LIke it or not…. Atom smartphones consume less power when idle than most ARM based phones..

  40. mrburns81ify says:

    I think Nintendo should create its own smartphone like Sony play.

  41. deathnax7 says:

    @Emrio3 i think it is modern combat

  42. MrDragonknight94 says:

    @johnchen0213 +1

  43. Emrio3 says:

    What is the name of the FPS game? I couldn’t make out what he said.

  44. ofrae1971 says:

    As far as i’m concerned , window OS is dead. I can make a laptop running linux and install a chrome browser on it . whala , there you have a chromebook with the ability to run any programming language.

  45. Nosloveingneko says:

    Its an ATOM in the phone, not an ARM processor. So its basically 2x more powerful than all the dual core phones we have now. More cores is not always better.

  46. MegaShawn1979 says:

    I saw the benchmark for that 1.6 single core Intel chip and it benchmarked 3700 better than alot of dual core phones out now

  47. MrVladiston says:

    Come on man!!! Every tech guy out there is exited about this Intel processor, but as you said: Wait for Intel to come with dual or even quadcore processors…

  48. MrHappyboob says:

    @Norw3giaNDipseT not true

  49. johnchen0213 says:

    @Norw3giaNDipseT it’s 8 physical as AMD said. and if ur counting virtual cores, intel have 6+6=12 cores due to hyper threading.

  50. Norw3giaNDipseT says:

    @johnchen0213 by the way the FX series don’t have 8 physical cores they are 2 physical core that somehow give you 6 extra virtual cores.. don’t remember how it was, but just google it people! :)

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