Sony SmartWatch 2 for Android Smartphones

Built for Android smartphones, the craftsmanship and performance within Sony SmartWatch 2 will take your smartphone to a new level. With its sleek and water-…

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But the company was outbid by a consortium including apple, microsoft and rim who bid a combined $4

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50 Responses to Sony SmartWatch 2 for Android Smartphones

  1. Sony Xperia says:

    Hi! I’m happy to hear that. Thank you for your feedback. :D – Andrés

  2. Jacob Wood says:

    Will this work with lg g2

  3. LPUndergound says:

    Is it possible to put download the vibration a little bit?
    Sometimes it’s too loud and I will not use it without

  4. Mario A. Calderón says:

    Sony SmartWatch 2 for Android Smartphones:

  5. Julio Martinez says:

    Porque no puedo cojer las llamadas entrantes 

  6. Dimitris Lalos says:


  7. Eric Freeman says:

    Love my smart watch 2, does anyone know if there is volume control setting
    for the watch

  8. Luke Church says:

    Hello can you use a samsung galaxy young (4.1.2) phone ??? Becaus I can’t
    bye the samsung gear app see

  9. Tegnologia de Vanguardia says:

    This kind of apllication is very powerful for take the control in our
    cellphones, but is more better don´t take many times use it.

  10. Philson says:

    Excellent hardware, but software needs more optimizing for that small
    I really want to see this succeed.

  11. Bouzgarrou Mongi says:

    i like my SW2 .. the design .. but it will be awsome if there’s more apps
    and more watch faces :) 

  12. Bruce Lee says:

    LG and Sony smartwatch is worst combination.
    If you want to use Sony smart watch 2, do NOT use LG smartphone!!

  13. Piotr Bednarczyk says:

    Sony SmartWatch 2 for Android Smartphones

  14. Hamdan Alghamdi says:

    I have the sw2 and it is brilliant

  15. HD Gaming Video Maker Pro says:

    That was a great job. I using longer then 6 months. And I happy. Very help
    fuel. Very amazing stuff. .

  16. Jeff Oz says:

    Mais heuu c’est juste pour être assorti à la Ps4 || #sony #SmartWatch

  17. Ebubekir Uyar says:

    Sony, are there any plans to make the Smartwatch 2 compatible with widgets?

  18. Ak PrOdIGyZ says:

    I’ve got the smartwatch 2 and it’s great, I also have the srs btv5 speaker,
    the sony docking station, the sony bluetooth headphones… Sony is the best
    and to top it off I have the xperia z1 booyah.. Everythings awesome sony
    but I still prefer the xbox to the PlayStation lol

  19. Dj Pat says:

    My New Watch – My sister Eva’s gift.

  20. SuperPeteJames says:

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE SONY update the SmartWatch 2 with more watch faces.
    The “digital” watch face needs to display day and date. The “analog” watch
    faces are bland. Please Sony create a music control app that uses low power
    consumption for all Android phones. 

  21. Данила Богомолов says:

    Если я подключил эти часы к телефону а потом нажал разорвать сопряжение то
    эти часы их никогда не увидят? просто эти часы не видят телефон и телефон
    теперь не видит часы что делать?

  22. cutawaymusic says:

    Great Gadget..

  23. Rida Issa says:

    Amazing how much it cost ? And when will be release?

  24. Jacek Dziura says:

    with xperia play works??

  25. Dhiren Notani says:

    Thanks for the video
    I brought canvas turbo by looking at your video and u know it roxx
    I m sure u too Rock

  26. siddhesh keer says:

    Moto G no doubt what so ever.. 

  27. Avinit Singh says:

    moto g

  28. adarsh nair says:

    Wats ur opinion on Xolo q2000 phone.
    Could it b in ur 10 devices.. ?

  29. arnav dixit says:

    Is xolo play a good gaming device and value for money.give some other
    alternatives if any

  30. Yatin G says:

    You not mentioned the 1 mobile name i.e XOLO… it;s not a budget phone??
    what u think??? Q500,Q700,Q800 and many more… 

  31. Yashasvi Gupta says:

    Hi sir.I want to buy a ipad.My budget is 35000. I’m confused between ipad
    mini with retina display 32GB and ipad air 16GB. I’m an intensive gamer.
    Please suggest me which one to buy. Recently I saw some videos of ipad mini
    2 review and they said that the colour saturation is not as good as ipad

  32. Francis Rohan says:

    We want xolo tab note review when it comes out….. :) 

  33. Akshay Parab says:

    please review karbonn s5 plus 

  34. VIRAJ LODHIA says:

    when will moto g will come to india

  35. shivam thakre says:

    Moto g

  36. Pratik Gawde says:

    well nokia asha 501 was also a great phone at its price……though not a
    smartphone, it was a device with something new to offer…..great
    build…..great looks

  37. jaswanth kolluri says:

    moto g n Lumina 520 are the only budget phones in this list.But i doubt
    about Moto g its also going to be above 15000 in india

  38. ebin k says:

    Lenovo S890

  39. Hemant Verma says:

    Lenovo k900 and auxus nuclea n1…

  40. Sarr Teron says:

    Yeeeekhhh moto g..m going for it..

  41. siddhant saxena says:

    Moto g is best in this price range

  42. srikanth gowdar says:

    Nokia lumia 720

  43. Abhishek Pawar says:

    foneArena you rock!!

  44. shanky yadav says:

    Micromax canvas turbo

  45. Andy Arora says:

    my vote for moto G. motorola has amazed us with this new device. the specs
    seem to be the best in its range, and will surely effect the 10-20k market
    in India

  46. baidyanath sahoo says:
  47. Lambha Khongphai says:

    I like moto g.

  48. Random Green Pear in Rain says:

    micromax canvas magnus a117 should of been on there somewhere, its a brute
    of a phone better than moto g in some of the aspects but certainly better
    than canvas turbo by a mile

    karbonn a12+ is a powerful little device for 5k

    you can also throw in samsung grand quattro, galaxy core, canvas hd, xolo
    q1000s somewhere in there in terms of sheer processing power for games.

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