Sony Xperia Z 1080p Water Resistant Android Smartphone – Linus Tech Tips CES 2013

The Xperia Z is one of the most impressive demos that we was at the show. Not only are the specs of it just plain awesome, but they had one running in a showcase that had a button to let you dunk it into the water while it was running! Day 3 – video 14
Video Rating: 4 / 5

For a smartphone feature which some would argue is essential, you would lose this if you upgrade to the wrong handset – which is almost all of this year’s new flagships
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25 Responses to Sony Xperia Z 1080p Water Resistant Android Smartphone – Linus Tech Tips CES 2013

  1. MoonMoney1 says:

    Dat iPhone ripoff.

  2. Adarsh Anil says:


  3. animetothebeginning says:

    I’m a fan of Apple but this phone is badass…

  4. nolla7 says:

    They say u can go shower with that phone like half hour coool.

  5. Ali Alizadeh says:

    stop advertising seagate en corsair en liknsys goddamnit, 1 time is enough

  6. superlongnamefive says:

    linus do not know what a widget is.

  7. Boxxyilu says:

    that water dumping demo was pathetic to be honest

  8. DerakuJin says:

    Wait it’s not an oled ? My ps vita is oled

  9. DerakuJin says:

    This guy looks like kootra

  10. Mewzyc says:

    are they allow to do benchmarks on smartphones @ CES?

  11. GT5Enthusiast says:

    I like phones that give me better blacks :P

  12. joytoy322 says:

    1:47 Bugged me out lol.

  13. div911X says:

    i’m in the same situation :(

  14. Nick Hurlock says:

    It’s the Sony SmartWatch.

  15. TheFBIBandit says:

    Lol that water demo was lame.

  16. Baxtexx says:

    Sad though it’s just a LCD screen. Sony, give us OLED!

  17. thatoneminer says:

    S3 i have no case and not one scratch silly iphone user

  18. thatoneminer says:

    Did anyone else notice linues right eye it seemed odd i hope your ok linus

  19. Tyler saddington says:

    I don’t use a case on my S3… I have no scratches anywhere

  20. Selrahc282 says:

    Well you can still buy the ZL with the back made of plastic.

  21. ion5061 says:


  22. caocaoism says:

    it a sony watch

  23. skatagmt says:

    no we are proud that gs3 is a freaking bad-ass phone

  24. dd410 says:

    It’s very practical as i said b4 when it gets alot of scratches etc i can replace it and my phone looks like new one. I am not proud about it but I’m happy to have this opportunity. And don’t tell me that glass don’t get scratches cos my old iphone 4 after one year of casual using had alot of scratches.

  25. SasukeX57 says:

    Are you proud that the material used on the back of your phone is only worth $5 cheap dollars?

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