Star Trek Communicator Cellphone – Rare Prototype

A working cellphone made in the form of a Star Trek communicator. This is one of 14 numbered prototypes distributed internally at Nokia in 2008. I bought it on eBay from a former Nokia employee who received it as a gift and no longer works for the company. This is a heavily-modified N76 with custom sounds, graphics, and hardware. It is very much a prototype and obviously in a late Alpha or early Beta stage. A little different from our usual fare. Sorry it takes me so long to get to the device itself; would have made a shorter vid if I’d known this was going to be picked up by so many tech/Trek blogs. Hope you enjoy it! Shot with HTC Evo 4G (Inflammatory or derogatory comments, or those unrelated to the device itself, or comments regarding eBay auction price speculation, will be removed.)
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Perhaps not surprisingly, the emergence of these efforts runs parallel to the do my term paper steady decline of local power in education policy

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25 Responses to Star Trek Communicator Cellphone – Rare Prototype

  1. noirgwio says:

    Yea, I’m officially jealous… That’s so friggin’ cool, I’m at a loss for any words other than: ‘ME WANTEE!!’ So yea. You’re a lucky one man. =D

  2. EastBayFM says:

    Is that Seth Mcfarlane? this guy sounds like Brian from Family Guy. lol.

  3. MasterJediKyleKatarn says:

    I bet that went for a pretty penny. The R2D2 Droid 2 will blow this phone away though. It’s still a nice prototype but I’m kind of glad they didn’t make it because it makes my choice in new phones that much easier.

  4. Kl4pp5tuhl says:

    DO WANT.

  5. hollandc27 says:

    it runs symbian s60v3, s40 is not symbian

  6. shannymau5 says:

    Rapidnadion, you have an interesting voice. You could have been a Star Trek character.

  7. FeatherHailfrost says:

    WANT!!! I WANT!!!! Where can I get my hands on one of these? If it isn’t too late. =/

  8. Rapidnadion says:

    @suskistube Well, it’s not like this is a finished commercial product. Nokia wouldn’t have released it in this state.

  9. Rapidnadion says:

    @vihena Thanks! Voiceover is actually my day job, so that’s good to know. :)

  10. Rapidnadion says:

    @phongbong Yeah … I promise at least four utterances of said phrase in the future.

  11. Rapidnadion says:

    @omgahitsbritt08 Mostly for display purposes. It’s pretty inconvenient to use as a primary phone due to it’s unfinished nature.

  12. suskistube says:

    No Capt.Kirk move = lose. Useless external monitor = lose. Hardly accessible volume slider = lose. And all this losing stuff from Nokia, that said no to Android to keep is laughable Symbian, losing again. I have alwyais bought Nokia phones in my life, but, as they chose to lose, my next phone will be a Samsung Galaxy!

  13. vihena says:

    That’s a slick device. The inconveniences are definitely worth the price of admission for something so darn cool.

    I really love your voice. It’s got a slick 1950′s commercial feel to it. You’d probably make a good captain or super hero voice over. ;)

  14. shroomguyali says:


  15. BeeJayFL says:

    That looks like a cheaply modified Motorola Razr Oo

  16. phongbong says:

    I don’t think you said “fully functional” enough.

  17. omgahitsbritt08 says:

    WOW! How much do they cost? I totally just got the chills when you put the box on the screen. OMG! I WANT ONE!!! Do you use it as an actual cell phone or is it more on display?

  18. BeatMakerTV says:

    Great Review! Great Find!

  19. RedShirtDavid says:

    @Rapidnadion I didn’t bid much after $100. I’m glad it found a good home though! I’m a pretty big collector too! Check out my videos sometime! See ya on Trekpropzone!

  20. mrslukeskywalker says:

    If they made these for real, and sold them as a legit phone, sooooooo many of us Trekkies would pay all of our dollars for this.

  21. luna340 says:

    I have always wanted a working communicator phone. totally awesome

  22. Rapidnadion says:

    @leecravenaz No question about it; they’re well behind in their game, especially in the high-end market. I believe they’re still #1 worldwide, but they’re definitely coasting on a lot of low-to-midrange featurephones/dumbphones. Might not be long before another manufacturer overtakes them!

  23. Rapidnadion says:

    @RedShirtDavid Hey man! I was wondering when some of you guys would be coming out of the woodwork! Helluva auction, wasn’t it? Sorry I beat you, but I’m glad to get to show it off a little better at least!

  24. leecravenaz says:

    @Rapidnation yeah I can see it going out like this if it’s not a production phone. Nokia was once a cellphone leader but I wouldn’t say they are now, analyst data/reports say otherwise. Nokia are actually struggling to stay afloat in today’s market, droid, iPhones blackberry are ahead of the game. Nokia is losing major market share.

  25. RedShirtDavid says:

    I was one of the people bidding against you. Sorry. I’m glad u won it though! Looks pretty cool!

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