Sumsing Turbo 3000 English Version

Groen Brothers commercial spoof of a cellphone with many functions
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Shepard added that getting across the notion that we are different, that we are alice harte in name only, to teachers, parents, students, and the community, has been one of his biggest challenges since taking over in late november

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25 Responses to Sumsing Turbo 3000 English Version

  1. WritermanUK says:

    Would have preferred it without the canned laughter but apart from that, not bad.

  2. Gordon38 says:

    Essential viewing. Hilarious!

  3. meatballPo says:

    There’s an app for that…

  4. sscalise03 says:


  5. JustSomeOldGuy says:

    I was sent here from an email by my 86 year old father. He must have thought this was funny. What the hell did I ever do to you Dad ?

  6. agerolimatos says:

    I’m adding the home pregnancy test kit

  7. ashleighforever2505 says:

    hahaha i want the mini toaster and printer

  8. ninuvin says:

    Very funny whats next

  9. Max57Astudillo says:


  10. giantiger12 says:

    The thermoter scene was epic!

  11. giantiger12 says:

    Very funny.

  12. TwinklestarPa says:


  13. Smoofmom says:

    But can you make a call with it?

  14. 458Feather says:

    Lmfao! :) ))))

  15. WendyOrocker says:

    It’s bad enough that people talk on them in restaurants and while they’re driving….don’t need them for all that other shit (even though it’s not real). LOL! I will NEVER be suckered into owning a cellphone.

  16. ykky1100 says:

    Silly..but funny all the same

  17. greenbethan1234 says:

    This video is very funny! Good job.

  18. takahashithunder says:

    way to go guys! hilarious!

  19. prettychannylover says:


  20. naamgaatjeniksaan says:

    that is a live program in the netherlands so the laugh track is real

  21. MyWildlifeVideos says:

    video would be better without the canned laugh-track.

  22. osborntnsqm23Ba says:

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  23. FLYENify says:

    like this comment if you still watch this shit in 2012.

  24. eismat20 says:


  25. MzLoriAnnAWA says:

    hehehehehehehheeeeeeee i want that phone!

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