The Best Smartphones: Week 24

VOTE NOW for your favorite smartphone at Aaron’s back to discuss week 24′s numbers in PhoneDog’s Official Smartphone Rankings! Though the Samsung Galaxy S III is victorious for a sixth week in a row, the HTC One X continues to stay in second place. Additionally, the iPhone 4S, global Galaxy S III, global Samsung Galaxy Nexus and Motorola DROID RAZR MAXX make appearances as well. Fall will be a crazy season for mobile, so stay tuned, as the scores are likely to change. As always, your voice matters, so be sure to cast your vote for week 24 on our Official Smartphone Rankings page! Facebook: Twitter: Google+: Vote For Your Favorite Smartphone: Win Free Phones:

VOTE NOW for your favorite smartphone at Aaron’s back again for week 22′s results in PhoneDog’s Official Smartphone Rankings! Though the Samsung’s Galaxy S III continues to be the top dog on both smartphone lists, it tied with the HTC One X on the Expert’s Choice chart. Additionally, the iPhone 4S, HTC One S, global Galaxy S III, global Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Nokia Lumia 900, and Motorola DROID RAZR MAXX make appearances as well. The Android battle continues between the Samsung Galaxy S III and HTC One X, with the iPhone 4S maintaining a role on both lists. Your voice matters, so be sure to cast your vote for week 23 on our Official Smartphone Rankings page! Facebook: Twitter: Google+: Vote For Your Favorite Smartphone: Win Free Phones:

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49 Responses to The Best Smartphones: Week 24

  1. 3GSDANIEL says:

    iPhone is better than Android i dont need things like Life Wallpapers and widgets suck life tile are better

  2. WEaccessories says:

    This video is great and so is the Smartphone Ranking. It’s great to see the difference in what users are voting for and what the experts are voting for.

  3. Dane Bowe says:

    they have lots of advertisements

  4. Coltsallday12 says:

    Do I have to pay retail for a phone on T-mobile, if its not time for my upgrade? Or do I get some sort of discount.

  5. BobaTrees says:

    because its pro lol
    it looks beautiful

  6. indywrenchin1976 says:

    A couple more reasons iPhone sucks compared to android. No widgets, no live wallpaper, no notification light. No transfering music, pics or files via Bluetooth. No free music download apps. Little to no customization. No 4G.

  7. indywrenchin1976 says:

    HTC One X is ugly. The camera bump on the back is hideous. Galaxy s3 FTW

  8. jamesdixon665 says:

    Fuck the Samsung galaxy s3 the HTC one x should be in 1 s3 2

  9. jurrell1986 says:

    5 cont. thats the only thing you named about android that does suck. but apple has its own form of that. what about siri? its only available for the latest iphone. what if i have a iphone 4? im screwed if i want siri arent i? if apple put out as many phones as google did you would see the same missing update problem as android has. they only have a year old phone and its missing a key feature. i know you said this is all your opinion but its the best to u not best in general. say imo next time

  10. jurrell1986 says: said you only have an iphone correct? so dont you think thats biased? since you only have an iphone?
    2.everyones iphones i see their either cracked. new or has a case you cant go completely naked with that phone *i know you cant go naked with any smartphone but the glass is extra sensitive on that phone even the back cracks.
    3. “hangs”? what a hang? problems? once again kinda biased
    4. and not anymore you can run non market apps now.
    5.if you want the updated software get a nexus.

  11. 97WWEfan4life says:

    fanbboys and hot fangirls, hey if the girl isn’t hot she has money…

  12. Fisher Price says:

    Iphone sucks. Notice how they didn’t say any of the specs because it sucks so much.

  13. TheSlipKnot981 says:

    I’ll counter those all:
    1. the new android jellybean has project butter and never lags
    2. My droid 1 is still working fine, while my ipod touch is long gone
    3. I dont’ know what “hangs” are
    4. You do need to jailbreak to get many apps
    5. I agree. It is much easier to upgrade to newer software.
    I am, too, using an iphone 4s, however, my nexus 7 just works better than my iphone and its not as boring in terms of UI

  14. sondrek13 says:

    @cena30009 I disagree. Apple iPhone is not a phone i can imagene using.
    1. Tiny display
    2. Don’t like iTunes
    3. Extremely hard to go from iPhone to another phone (android or WP7)
    4. Overpriced
    5. It does not support most formats
    6. Boring UI wich I find difficult to use.
    7. iOS looks just the smae on every device (iPod touch, iPad and iPhone)
    8. No Micro SD
    9. Non-removable battery
    10. 4 and 4S looks just the same (I know that it is not a good reason, but when a company makes a new product I wan

  15. cena30009 says:

    dude ill give the reason why apple is the best,
    1. for its fluidity
    2. Durability of the devices ( long lasting )
    3. lack of hangs
    4. Supports all the apps unlike androids which require rooting
    5. easy to update for newer software versions etc
    these are my experiences as , im using a iphone 4s, earlier i was using a galaxy note, a piece of shit and before the note i used an iphone 4, U hav to agree , Apple is the best <3

  16. darkdax83 says:

    Ah..well, there’s only one Galaxy S3 specific mount and it’s really bulky so its not as nice as I would like..really, there are a TON of choices for tripod cases alone for the iPhone.. again this goes back to the consistency of the Nexus and there are actually more tripod cases/adapters for it than the S3. I could use a generic mount made for all phones but it’s just not the same. Really mixed up situation here man :/ I guess my main point is that with the iPhone, it’s just a lot more simple…

  17. TheSlipKnot981 says:

    I agree. it is your opinion. however, you did not give a single reason as to why apple is the best.

  18. appleism100 says:

    Quick to judge. I love it. My opinion. And surely there are many that agree with me, hence it is still on the list :) Calling me mindless because I prefer the worlds most valuable company over Android etc doesn’t doesn’t achieve much.

  19. TheSlipKnot981 says:

    please list the reasons why. your username already tells me you’re just a mindless fanboy.

  20. kula3010 says:

    apple fanboys :X

  21. JForney says: my friend…bunch of tripods. You must not be looking very hard ;) .

  22. darkdax83 says:

    Of course haha but even then it’s hard to find as many as you may for the iPhone. When I say accessories I don’t mean simple cases and screen shields, I mean anything you could think of. The hype of the iPhone makes people want to create different things, practical or impractical. I’ve wanted to use my S3 on a tripod since I don’t record much to have to buy an actual camera but I couldn’t since nobody makes an adapter for it. I’d have no problem paying $20 for an iPhone case with a tripod slot.

  23. appleism100 says:

    Bcos it’s the best.

  24. appleism100 says:

    iPhone <3
    Apple <3
    Forever <3

    Can’t wait until the next generation iPhone <3

  25. reviewbro1997 says:

    well sorry man but its been a month,the iphone 5 announcement has already been released,and androids are still way ahead of iphone

  26. Teromi says:

    WHOA! I havent seen phonedog videos in a while.. good for him.

  27. adollface13 says:

    Download the AppTrailers on the playstore or iTunes and type in the code “adolphoo” to get a free giftcard or other prizes. Please help.

  28. schoolnerd51gmailcom says:

    I want to have his babies.

  29. lValenl says:

    WoW… he is “quite” different!

  30. bhendrix71 says:

    How is the Ipun on ANY top 5 lists? Not deserving of a top 10, much less in top 5!!!! OLD TECH. May the Ipun RIP with Steve Jobs….The Ipun 5 will be a disaster, only Apple fags will buy, or REALLY stupid ppl.

  31. NYItaliano89 says:

    Okay ill msg you ;)

  32. Zach Stuart says:

    Just search “Phonedog droid charge unboxing”

  33. mynameisacoolpenguin says:

    Has the Atrix HD showed up on any of these polls?

  34. nbabyk says:

    we need to have a new review of one x since the one x 4.04 update really improves the device. Looks like galaxy s3 is in second place with benchmark quadrand and antut performance to one x

  35. XxXThexDreamXxX says:


  36. portauprince22 says:

    How come the sidekick 4G wasn’t on the list?

  37. Thomas kp says:

    Galaxy note ??

  38. angrybirds803 says:

    whoa aaron, you’re hot. omg.

  39. raiders10003 says:


  40. Dar70 says:

    Ha ha so true.

  41. benjamin41mike says:

    fuck shit… everyone can change they eating habits and working out. but we need the right workouts and the right food.

  42. NYItaliano89 says:

    yeah lol, Search “Phonedog BlackBerry Curve 8530 (Verizon) – Unboxing”

  43. NYItaliano89 says:

    for all you FATFUCKS, its called Change your eating habits and Start Working Out, do some Cardio. Its not rocket science.

  44. raiders10003 says:

    i can’t find a vid of aaron when he was fat. anyone have a link?

  45. raiders10003 says:

    the experts ranking is so stupid it has iphone 4 above droid maxx.

  46. smartkorean1 says:

    Korea ftw! Fuck you Apple!

  47. JBryant19 says:

    How come the EVO 4G LTE gets no love? I know Sprint has slow data speeds at times but its a better phone than the one x and one s.

  48. CityFlashLights says:

    the cdma one is 9.5mm, the s3 is 8.6. that millimeter actually makes a difference

  49. rrhampson says:

    Ive been playing with my mates new s3 an tbh it really has blown me away the amount off stuff you can do with it is amazing, for me its all the cool little qwerky gadgety things i like, ios has fallen so far behined imo and i am going to wait to see what the 6th gen iphone has to offer but they would really and i mean really! have to pull it out all the stops to do it for me. My only reservation has to be there are a couple of apps which arnt on the play store

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