The Evolution of Cell Phone

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Created by Lastfools ( Made by Tingo ( Media strategy : DBA Interactive (
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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50 Responses to The Evolution of Cell Phone

  1. omarmonster says:

    @ciliboy3 take me away plain white ts

  2. BlakNightLace says:

    wtf is with the yellow & red one at 0:49?!

  3. MahaVailo01 says:

    how sad… the motorola starTac was my first phone… T-T… 1996 is a long time ago… geeesh

  4. 7677876 says:


  5. ciliboy3 says:

    whats the song

  6. Daepicchannel says:

    in soviet Russia cellphone call YOU!

  7. tehcheeseitman says:

    the nokia 7320 looks pretty cool actually, but might suck >.>

  8. goodgollymizmolly says:

    jeez, n gauge is giant

  9. damphier14 says:

    Oh My God!
    i can break someone’s head with those 90s phones

  10. derrickatw says:

    @603bloom it’s Take Me Away by Plain White T’s

  11. radio100censura says:

    Ohhh My God… I was sent back to past and saw 3 of my old cell phones, including the first one I had, when I was living in Germany: Nokia 5110

  12. tompants2010 says:

    Ahh memories :) .

  13. TheHeavyHero says:

    for 10 years we will laugh how iphone looked

  14. akmusica says:

    Video is two years old and already out of date.

  15. solidsnake1211 says:

    @NickBeat88 It’s quite amazing how fast technology has been evolving recently. I’m loving what people are achieving these days.

  16. NewTRAlLERS says:

    old memories =’)

  17. NickBeat88 says:

    Aww god n-gage. Get it off. Get it off. Oh Shit. I’m down. No but seriously. Ngage was like a boomer just puking all over you.

  18. NickBeat88 says:

    @trackgril175 i honestly wish technology would step back 20 or so years

  19. Ganjaviewer says:

    @Britt21414 .
    Ugly phones from Germany .

    Aka: Fashon Phones

  20. 603bloom says:

    what song is that?

  21. trackgril175 says:

    hahaha does anyone remember when the motorola razar was like the coolest phone ever?

  22. trackgril175 says:

    who else thinks technology can just stay the same for a while?

  23. Armaangandevia1 says:


  24. jay45452 says:

    they look like walkie talkies

  25. eyeoftheeagle1995 says:

    wow…mine iznt on there! there is just too many types of phones! i cant wait for those hologram phones to come out!!! (in like, 50 years!)

  26. ladysman8 says:

    wats cardeo systems

  27. truetoourheart says:

    w/e ur just jealous

  28. josu3video says:


  29. max13328 says:

    its real cuz if it was a heated table then why was yhat guys hand on it

  30. purplecharger88 says:

    It actually is a hoax and they have already been called on it.

  31. kittytheunicorn says:

    and very awesome.

  32. kittytheunicorn says:

    they all called each other’s cell phones, and cell phone towers use radiation, so all the concentrated waves cooked the popcorn. it is real.

  33. Cjacksparrow4eva says:

    ha thats awesome :)

  34. music15mylife says:


  35. friendsprty says:

    the radio waves actually cook the popcorn you guys!

  36. harvir85 says:


    salted or sweet?

  37. argentinakeeper10 says:

    how did they do it really?

  38. keloss6 says:

    oh wow !
    immature !!!

  39. tombraiderules4ever says:

    i tried its fake

  40. antBELGRE says:

    believeable! so sad…

  41. ppiuaaaap says:

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  42. beanyboym says:

    thats class i wounder thats how the cinemas do it lol i dunno how its fake but meh

  43. junexXxbug says:

    ah shiz…oh well, i guess im gullable lol.

  44. NatileeDuran says:

    TRUE! It looks coool. I guess i just got entertained for 45 seconds. But its fake. Oh well

  45. junexXxbug says:

    very true…this looks amazingly real if it’s not im blow away

  46. NatileeDuran says:

    Hmmm idk. I almost think not because it was on a television show and it didnt work and they did ir for like 10 minutes. BUt yet again, impossible is nothing.

  47. junexXxbug says:

    is this real or no

  48. WhiteSandJack says:

    funny !

    found some great deals at MobilePhonePlans,ca

  49. maggiehall says:

    well heck if its real, but it was funny

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