TLDR: Bad Situations, Glasses, Cellphones, and the Super Bowl

Nine iPhone Apps to Get You out of Bad Situations Why RSS Readers Suck and the Best Alternatives How to Block Tweets About the Super Bowl XLVI How to Save Money on Your Next Pair of Glasses Paid or Pre-paid Cellphone Service: Which is Right for You? Back Link of the Day Thanks to Sam Morris, who referenced Ron Schenone’s post at about his favorite Windows 7 tips. If you’d like to be mentioned as a Back Link of the Day, link to one of our posts on from your site and — this is the important part — tell us about it! Join us when the countdown ends! https

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At first, the family relied largely on the public library for education supplies, but since opening up an esa this year, they have spent about $5,000 to buy video-based curricula, as well as a computer and tablet

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50 Responses to TLDR: Bad Situations, Glasses, Cellphones, and the Super Bowl

  1. MegaTimebomb098 says:

    no views!!!

  2. ThayerN9 says:

    GIANTS BABY!!!!!!!!!

  3. robinhorulz56 says:

    He has, just search for his home office tour

  4. TheXxbeastxx420 says:

    chris i dont know if you ever done this before but it would be cool if you did a tour of your office.

  5. JennaHaze2000 says:

    You have to throw a party with lot of food and beer. That is why america like the super bowl. Because both teams are so good the actual game is boring

  6. TheXxbeastxx420 says:

    Great video chris

  7. martijn989 says:

    For 9 years i had glasses, now for olmost 1.5 years i have lenses i find them awesome :) 

  8. SamMorrisPhotography says:

    I AM BACKLINK OF THE DAY!!!!!!!!!!

  9. heartSLB says:

    When is the Superbowl? I dont follow American Football and to be honest I don´t even understand the game but I’m gonna see it this time and I’m going with the NY Giants

  10. hahha urfunny says:

    Where’s the video view count?

  11. tntalvarado316 says:

    Hello Lockergnome, I am desperate for some help. I am a newbie with makeing tutorials, and I need a good webcam that focuses on my face. I make makeup tutorials and the video drags focous is bad and dispite all my works and efforts they never seem to comeout very crisp. I need somthing that I can zoom in when I need to and get a crips true to color capture. I am useing a logitech orbit webcam not to happy with it at all.Please HELP if u can take a look at any1 of my videos you’ll see what I mean

  12. lockergnome says:

    - We won’t if you won’t.

  13. ErnieJay08 says:

    I’ve been watching and reading some of the articles of lockergnome for the past month.
    I really have learned alot from you Chris, along with the staff of lockergnome. I’m trying to get a degree in Computer Network Systems and a lot of what I learned from you reflected what was in my classes. Thank you for what you do and don’t ever stop.

  14. RC9831 says:

    STar Trek Reference!! EPIC “Darmok and Jalad at Tignagra”

  15. joymanchis says:

    0 views? Wtf?

  16. CimInc says:

    I like Chris’s dad! He’s a very wise man!

  17. emelerud says:

    what does it mean by “you can’t like a video that hasn’t been aired yet”?

  18. ItchyHippo says:

    Aw Chris’ Dad… Absolute Legend!

  19. PixeIIe says:

    Oh, bummer, I missed another one!

  20. Joshua Kidd says:


  21. Joshua Kidd says:

    Honset opinion: Mumble is okay, like chris said “It’s not perfect.”
    I use teamspeak everyday. It is probably the best VoIP software out there. Available for mac, windows, linux, iOS, and Anroid (soon to be blackberry) . . . but It is very awesome.

  22. RoryODriscoll says:

    Just a REALLY nice guy.

  23. history797 says:

    you are nice guy

  24. history797 says:

    200000000000000000000 views on this video wow bro that amazing

  25. history797 says:

    you are live wow bro

  26. Alexander Gonzalez says:

    ironically im using my phones tether function to watch this XD

  27. topespadamaester says:

    dang that sucks ive seen kids like 4 and they text like a mother*** XD

  28. gabe colt says:

    Watching this on EVO 3D

  29. WULF DAWOLF says:

    I don’t have a phone I’m 12 but I now see 5 year olds with phones

  30. Ryan Kang says:

    You guys are hilarious!
    One nice and juicy sniper shot to the subscribe
    option coming right up.

  31. RakeYohnshair says:

    i love how he uses the sonic the headge hog chow raising music lol 2:50

  32. ThermalsniperN7 says:

    Did anyone else see the respawn point at 3:15? Aside from that, thumbs up for angry elite!

  33. hotrod506 says:

    cell phones are only good for two things calling people and playing mine sweeper

  34. godzillamaster90 says:



  35. Alexo670 says:

    Love spyro! First three games were perfect!<3 :D

  36. OathofBass says:

    spyro soundtrack, love you guys. <3

  37. poisonousnormal360 says:

    laughed my ass off when i heard it

  38. trentandraper1 says:

    Fuck you I have a smartphone

  39. Alexo670 says:

    Tell him I said thanks! And thank you for checking us out! More to come soon! :)

  40. Frozen Spartan says:

    My friend Seano299 introduced me to this. This is one of the best comedic Machinimas I’ve ever seen.

  41. Yugiohshadow1996 says:

    iPhone 5 now with more AIDS

  42. ghost750x1 says:

    Rap song + phone speaker = dub step

  43. VelocityClanStudios says:

    I’ve got an old HTC Droid Incredible 2, it was cheep ($80 when it was new, little over a year ago, with a contract of course), it’s pretty fast, call quality is good, and I’ve never gone a day where it died on me. Although I’ve never really used GPS much, I know that will kill it, and if I play games for hours on end, it will die.

  44. Helljumper425 says:

    Battery Life. FUCKING THIS

    My phone locked up on me when I was on vacation so I had to use my Aunt’s spare EVO (Yeah, I know. But hey, some people DO like upgrading) the battery life on that sonuva bitch was for shit. I had to plug the fucker into the Goddamn wall just to look at pictures.

    That being said, I’m glad my Rumor Reflex was fixed. That thing’s got a much more reliable power supply. That and it’s probably the best you can get without having a smart phone in my opinion.

  45. jesse baker says:

    you sick bastard

  46. gabriel garcia says:

    is dis the tellitellbies

  47. Tals Overlord says:

    hey Alexo670 you have the best music which im guessing is spyro the dragon??? anyway great vids and SPYRO THE DRAGON IS FUCKING AWESOME!!!! GOOD WORK MAN.

  48. Cameron Deaves says:


  49. joshmumbleguy says:


  50. LEOdubstepz says:


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