Top 10 Smartphones 2013

Get a Samsung Galaxy S4 for only 8: The best and coolest smartphones of 2013 in the world. Check out how we rank the Apple iPhone 5, G…
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But swipes aren’t the only thing that’s impressive about this update

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25 Responses to Top 10 Smartphones 2013

  1. Ruslans Maļko says:

    I thing the best smartphone is LG Optimus G

  2. SickMan6297 says:

    Give me back my 2:44 minutes of live

  3. julieta ribera rojas says:

    y el s4

  4. huricanewarrior says:

    WTF ??!!!??

  5. warmaster7531 says:

    0:55 <– my favourite part

  6. Rudy Guerra says:

    huawei ascend P6

  7. Himanshu Gandhi says:

    Looks like this looser doesn’t like sony!!..:o


    best phones of 2012 i think

  9. davor krilcic says:

    note 2 is best of those but i think xperia z is 1. or 2. of those phones

  10. TheMegadong says:

    Then came HTC One and wins the contest hands down. Oh and I’d say the 3rd place belongs to iPhone 5. It’s funny how the hating fanboys get mad everytime when they see Apple’s products haha. Actually it’s pretty sad:( I mean I feel sad when Im thinking what kind of life is it when some1 is so badly brainwashed. Oh and I don’t own iPhone.

  11. ITisCRAIG says:

    I feel this channel is quite fond of apple shit

  12. Ronald Plasencia Valdivia says:

    ummm XperiaZ ummm

  13. loedinl says:

    Voll fasch

  14. tylershemwell01 says:

    Night Time by Tyler Shemwell…G-ESTEEM on itunes

    /I’m i doing too much/Or losing my touch/

    …a brilliantly written song about “can’t wait until night time to party,” with lines like/Riding through the slum/Where i’m from/A place where crack fiends and fat girls love me the most/Some never made it home to take their work clothes off/Afraid they gonna miss something/

    STAY BOW-LEGGED & THICK.G-ESTEEM(President Obama) 44-Life

    The Confidence To Chill With You (G-ESTEEM).

  15. Utpal Parajuli says:

    Actually they’re all alive and would kick your ass!

  16. AntonDenkov says:

    this is shit!

  17. bomaeye says:

    I think you crazy.

  18. shameem EC says:

    ohh then your granparents tooo

  19. Utpal Parajuli says:

    Just like your grandparents! :D 

  20. MinecraftTHEODORE says:

    Totally agree with nokia Lumia 920

  21. Menno Smit says:

    I liked the withe screen

  22. shameem EC says:

    did any body told 1st nokia ? hahahahha kiding nokia is dead

  23. Julien Paquin says:

    Faire un top des smartphone 2013 et ne pas y inclure l’XPERIA Z montre que la personne qui a fait la vidéo n’a pas dut essayer beaucoup de smartphone dans sa vie!

  24. Ömer Akarsu says:

    sony xperia z ?

  25. Chuck Norris says:

    S4 is the best

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