Top 10 Smartphones in 2010

Contenders are: Palm Pre Plus Nexus one HTC Legend HTC Evo 4g HTC HD2 Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 iPhone 4G Nokia N900 Samsung Galaxy S i9000 Motorola Droid

We only saw a non-working demo model, but the i760 smartphone/PDA is yet another great design, with slanted number keys that are useable when the slide-out keyboard is hidden, but still readable when you’re typing. It has a touchscreen and other PDA features, but you have to see it appreciate why this model could be serious competition for every PDA out there. For more videos from Popular Mechanics visit: Everything from the World of Popular Mechanics: Subscribe to Popular Mechanics: -
Video Rating: 3 / 5

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50 Responses to Top 10 Smartphones in 2010

  1. BeeJayFL says:

    HD2 is by far the best

  2. BeeJayFL says:


    The “KinĀ“s” failed at sale, but they were impressive little phones

  3. Fanilliaj says:

    DROID SUCKS >_< its all about dat EVO
    ( or that nokia)

  4. SpdDemon69 says:

    @gee1234567890 besides, the name of the phone is iphone 4. plain and simple. no g, no gs. just 4.

  5. SpdDemon69 says:

    @gee1234567890 u have a very valid/good/correct point there. and i will admit i never thought about that. but the way apple is that is not correct. because there was in order…iphone, iphone 3g, iphone 3gs, iphone 4. notice that the 2nd iphone is 3g. if it were like you put it wouldn’t it be 2g?? no because that would be bad for marketing. mindless people would think “oh thats not 3g”. now people think the iphone is 4g in network speed. when really the 4 is just the gen.

  6. gee1234567890 says:

    @SpdDemon69 4g doesnt have to represent the network, g could stand for generation

  7. rhinnawi95 says:

    @Alfrivas18 Agreed, but it would be better with Android 2.2 (Froyo) and multi-touch.

  8. MusicmanJamie says:

    Ha, the first 8 seconds sounds like its the BBC news! (You’ll understand if ur english ;D)

  9. TheFanofFPS says:

    I liked the background music for Google Nexus One

  10. TheFanofFPS says:

    I liked the background music for HTC HD2

  11. Alfrivas18 says:

    Xperia X10 is Great!!!

  12. SpdDemon69 says:

    i love how it says iphone 4g….misinformed like every iphone fan

  13. akasunanosasori01 says:

    why? cuz u own it ?

  14. DarkDevil3000 says:

    lool xperia only 7, thats complete bullshiet that fkn list, XPERIA IS THE SICKEST

  15. torresmilochomil says:

    and wat about the samsung captivate ???

  16. torresmilochomil says:

    men you have all the reason to put kin one and two on this top ten

  17. paul1000397 says:

    iphone 4!!!!!!!!!!

  18. totallyFAKEandGAY says:

    @bavel12 it is suppose to be a smart phone and go head to head with evo iphone eperia and the rest,but it doesnt have a flasher???????? something small like that? i just dont get it,i guess its thiner like u

  19. bavel12 says:

    @totallyFAKEandGAY they wanted to make it very thin you know

  20. nomenoyou123 says:

    xperia x10 is great

  21. totallyFAKEandGAY says:

    samsung galaxy doesnt have a freaking flasher for the cam??? what kind of shit is that?

  22. MrMykee18 says:

    n900 is still my number 1.

  23. ChristianFS1 says:

    friends x hq WTF??? X)

  24. eduardopescado says:

    I-Phone/Galaxy S is the best but you missed HTC Desire (and I-Phone)


    in my opinion i think the htc evo 4g shouldve been #1…i have had my hand s on that phone and it rocks!!!im getting it in december :)

  26. souldragon9 says:

    it looks like shit xD

  27. lohanfan51 says:

    really y

  28. Jettisawn says:

    Its also no bigger than a Treo. Smartphones are generally larger, but than again your doing more than just texting on them.

  29. Jettisawn says:

    I’ve had the phone for over a year with Verizon Wireless, and my only real problem is the lack of any really good 3rd party software apps. Verizon doesn’t really support it either. No its no where close to an iPhone, but it is a really nice phone if you like your gadgets with buttons and hate 100% touch screens like myself.

  30. bigjimmyjoe222 says:

    worst phone ever!!!

  31. Grant0ty says:

    is this like the blackberrys on verizon where it costs an extra 30 dollars a month 4 the special internet and e-mailing or whatever i need to know because im gettin a new phone in like a week and im considering this one

  32. smikules says:

    I like the iPhone keyboard and think it’s wonderful. I guess it’s a matter of opinion in what a person is looking for.

  33. spaar303 says:

    IF CONSIDERING; I got this phone a while back. i do not advise anyone get it. the internal memory is very minimal. the size of the phone is obnoxious. its bulky and uncomfortable, the size also makes it difficult to keep in a pocket and it could easily be lost. there are very few shortcuts and most people wouldnt use half of the “advanced” programming it contains. i would recommend getting a more recent model of smartphone because this phone is ridiculous in size and quality. just a heads up.

  34. harryisdumb says:

    the major downside of the iphone is the lack of a physical keyboard IMO.

  35. TheGontop1 says:

    haha iphone competition yeah right!

  36. exozero says:

    Nah, there are bigger and smaller models released at the same time. Just like the the new 19 inch notebooks and the new 9 inch netbooks.

  37. PoetryRocksAlot says:

    You need power point on your phone if you are a college student. Some college courses give out power point presentations for notes, and trust me man, it’s very useful!

    You don’t want to carry your laptop around just to read your notes right?

    The same applies to word documents and note programs.

  38. mnecmonic says:

    dude u suck….please comb your hair and brush up your words!

  39. kyehman1 says:

    nope, phones we have nowadays could be tiny already just they would’nt look appealing and for a touch screen, it’d be a little hard, i perfer bigger phones tho for small ones are to simple

  40. Drewbie96 says:

    I think its because now we’re are packing so many features that we didnt have before into all these phone that we didnt have in previous models. It will just probably take some time before the phones with alot of features become thinner and smaller.

  41. redwolfluvr says:

    Why do phones seem like there getting bigger and bigger?they used to be tiny now there going big again

  42. emailgrowth says:

    Very nice video on smartphones. On my website you can online text for free anyone can use. You can send mulitple text messages in one click. Just visit my profile to see. Good information.

  43. Ayy45 says:

    Thats Fukkin Ugly.

  44. aljn1214 says:

    wow! hi :) ur REALLY cute. hit me up! i have a webcam and get naked on it all the time! LOL =) 0

  45. cunha912 says:

    preaty big

  46. youjack4u says:

    Yeah yeah, just get yourself an iPhone. I know you like it.

  47. pigpoo101 says:

    my friend just got this phone for her work its a cmplicated phone for me but really nice question why woulcd you need powerpoint on your phone

  48. Alin2005 says:

    what a bum :) ))

  49. tinyGreen21 says:

    Iphone Rulez!

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