Top 10 Smartphones in Early 2010

The Participants are: Nokia N900, Nokia N97 mini, Motorola Droid, Sony Ericsson X10, Sony Ericsson Satio, Acer Neo Touch s200, iPhone 3GS, HTC HD2, HTC Hero.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to Top 10 Smartphones in Early 2010

  1. eaturcrap says:

    Droid is king.

  2. ExtinctOfKageShi says:

    @SuperDefaulter Top 10 Smartphones in “Early” 2010. . .did u read the title carefully?iphone 4 is released in JUNE !

  3. DELHIMAFIA says:

    @Icthehuntard I’ll go for n900, ya hd2 has bttr n bigger screen bt in terms of camera, n few other things n900 is good , m nt saying hd2 is bad bt bt n900 comes ovr hd2 ;) , wished hd2 had Win Mo 7 :x :x

  4. Icthehuntard says:

    @DELHIMAFIA and what’s the best??

  5. Janjalaa says:

    X10 rolls

  6. SuperDefaulter says:

    iphone 4 is missing

  7. miniplaat says:

    nokia N900 is 3rd, and i don’t know if the X10 is first or the HD2… the HD2 has slightly bigger screen(4.3 inch vs. 4.0 inch) but the X10 has better camera and android(much faster then stupid wm 6.5) I’d go for the X10

  8. jaweedhkhan786 says:

    I love your presentation..pls post top 10 best smart phones of this year from jan to oct if you like thnx

  9. kbawesome101 says:

    I usually don’t like seeing this song be in videos but in this one it’s perfect. :)

  10. taylorguitar13 says:

    my mom just got a droid x, and its damn cool.

  11. FrankDHpEpisodes says:


    where the F is the Samsung Galaxy S?!

  12. chris978820 says:

    how can you possibly call an iphone a smartphone if it’s so limited on what it can do?

  13. xxFFernandoxx says:

    @harizs009 ……well idk it sucks for me i’d rather have andriod or iphone os or the new window 7 os but 6.5 just sucks…………

  14. harizs009 says:

    @xxFFernandoxx but windows os are best so far…..

  15. xxFFernandoxx says:

    @harizs009 BUT CRAP WINDOWS OS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BUT STILL SEXY PHONE!!!

  16. jasdev2 says:

    @1990flik i wouldn’t recommend the x10…. it still runs on android 1.6 and is pretty laggy at times (go for a samsung wave instead, its slightly cheaper, just as powerful, has a mind blowing screen and not to mention a superb camera too)

  17. haruthacin says:

    All Sony Ericsson phones fuck all others example Nokia

  18. MrEssi11 says:

    @farhanea you’r right ^^

  19. 1990flik says:

    the n97 would have to be the worst phone i have ever owned! i have had 3 ( had to be replaced over and over again) cuz it just froze, touch pad wouldnt respond…wouldnt turn on, or answer a phone call just shit!

    Im getting my sony erricson xperia x10 tomorrow!!

    glad to see sony erricson made it on there twice :)

  20. REPODONE says:

    Acer Neo & Nokia N900 FTW! HTC HD2 = F/!L no GPU for you -_-

  21. catchymitch says:

    thumbs up if this song is over used

  22. farhanea says:

    damn song!

  23. Mrelisrael777 says:


  24. shopsheaven says:

    Great video. thank you so much. I can’t wait to see what comes up for 2011 !!!

  25. sluggo06 says:

    You know what would be cool? If you could use your smartphones 3g to play online with your consoles?

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