Top 5 Best Designed Smartphones – Mid 2014

Beau HD discusses the top 5 best designed smartphones currently on the market in 2014. The form factor and premium materials are highlighted in this video as…

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25 Responses to Top 5 Best Designed Smartphones – Mid 2014

  1. Raul Espinoza says:

    Guys please quit bitching and read the title MID 2014

  2. Jorge Junior says:

    This is the worst video I’ve ever seen on PhoneDog… Samsung smartphone on
    the list?! Moto E?!
    Is this April Fool’s Day?! Where is HTC One M8, where is iPhone?!

  3. pokeman260 says:

    You need the HTC one (M8) on this 2014 list. It is the definition of
    premium design. 

  4. Beau HD says:

    Check out my list of the ‘Top 5′ best designed smartphones released midway
    through the year of 2014.

    Note: MID 2014, not early 2014, not 2013, not 2015, not end of 2014…
    MIDWAY THROUGH 2014. Lol

  5. RobloOliver says:

    A Samsung phone in a top 5 list for design.

    Nope .. Dislike screw phone dog. Austin and Marques all the way 

  6. Daniel Peña says:

    Here’s the real list, in any order I would’ve hit the like button.

    5.Iphone 5
    4.oppo find 7
    3.SONY Xperia Z2
    1.HTC one M8

  7. Shane Thorsteinson says:

    First comment and no HTC One M8, this is crazy.

  8. bryant williams says:

    What about the htc one m8

  9. Cam Bunton says:

    Best looking/best built smartphones released mid-way through this year.
    Nice list Beau! 

  10. Anas Fatani says:

    How did the Htc One M8 and iPhone 5s not make this list, when the Moto E
    (which is just plastic) and Amazon Fire Phone and Samsung Galaxy s5 made
    the list when they aren’t even designed well. No metal phones were in this
    top 5 for some reason

  11. MyGt28 says:

    the moto E is actually a beautiful device its essentially a black on black
    moto x despit it being extremely low end it does look very nice. one m8
    should have been first however and i disagree with the s5 and g3 the are
    probaly in the top 5-15 rankings however

  12. 76Duceman says:

    Lol.. Oneplusone?? It’s a cheap phone I’ll give you that.. But it’s not a
    number one at all.. The m8 (on a legitimate review channel) is the best,

  13. Ismail Ibrahim says:

    Huh what about Sony xperia z2 @ HTC one M8

  14. - MaddMyke - says:

    What a crappy list. No HTC One M8 and actually include the atrocious Galaxy
    S5? Credibility went downhill.

  15. 1300l says:

    I love your videos Beau HD.
    But i think you drop the ball on that video.
    Maybe the S3 was a good design back on it days (maybe), but since it all
    Samsung phones are the trash of design on phones.
    The HTC One (M7 and M8) are one of the best design ever… also let’s be
    honest, i dont like Apple phones but the iPhone is a good design still.
    Not to mention Nokia sure design good if the moto E is on the list… (and
    i think the Moto X is the good design as you can customize).
    Those chinese phones the Find and One Plus One arent bad.. but the design
    is ordinary.

    I may be wrong but my list would be
    1 – HTC One
    2 – LG G3
    3 – iPhone
    4 – Sony Xperia Z3
    5 – Nokia Lumia 1520 (as for number 5 all other phones fall in the ordinary
    category for me… so i think we should have a Windows Phone since all
    would be ordinary at 5)..

  16. MyGt28 says:

    also fire phone is a no go heres my list
    5. moto E,G, or X
    4. xperia z2
    3. 1+1
    2. nokia lumia 1520
    1. m8

  17. Lean Lagunera says:

    Tell me… this is a prank.. right????

  18. anox anny says:

    i think the s5 and moto e should not be there, the htc m8 should be on that
    list and even though i dont like apple, the iphone 5s and the xperia z2
    should of been there as well, also how on earth can you have the moto E in
    place of the moto x, whichj is the moto flagship and the e design is based
    off the moto more thing the nexus 4 did have the rubber grip sides,
    thats where Amazon got the idea from

  19. savan Raja says:

    5-galaxy s5
    4-iphone. 5s
    3-xperia z2
    2- lg g3
    1 – HTC ONE M8

  20. Leandro Jack says:

    How the hell does a Samsung phone make it on a best design smartphone list?

  21. MANISH DAS says:

    I like this video but I think Oppo find 7 have better design then Samsung
    s5 and Moto E 

  22. June Snowpaw ‹Neoka28› says:

    Glad to see the 1+ One.

    Literally the best phone I’ve ever owned.

  23. Hassan Ali says:

    are you sure that this is for the top designed phones…not the phones that
    you have ??
    cuz that can be the only reason why the M8
    isn’t there and …the one plus one ???

  24. toudas harry says:

    LOL man where is the sony xperia z2 and z3? Those are the best looking
    smartphones out there

  25. mustafa butmah says:

    1-htc one 2-lg g3 3-one plus one 4-sony z3 5-moto X

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