Top 5 SmartPhones (2014)

Based on design, specs, features, and affordability, here are my picks for the very best SmartPhones of 2014! Thanks for watching this video! If you enjoyed …
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17 Responses to Top 5 SmartPhones (2014)

  1. Cowgers123 says:

    What the hell? Where is nexus 5 ????

  2. Mario V.A. says:

    WHERE IS THE XPERIA Z2!!!! It should be in first place!!! It is way better
    than s5 >:/

  3. Jack Woo says:

    Agree completely, just the way I think it should be but lets include Nexus
    5 in fifth place along with MotoG, some you think Nokia and Sony should be
    in place but your are wrong, I play both phones they are suck, specially
    Sony it’s a peace of junk, funy thing is, Japanese was always ahead rest of
    the the country by 10 years but today even the Chinese phone Mi 4 beats the
    Sony big time, CTNtechnologynews still kind of green he doesn’t there’s a
    MI 4 out there on top of the world right now

  4. Andy Thor says:

    The Z30 is definitely better than a few of these phones… the Samsung is
    the only other I might consider. 

  5. Dennis williams says:

    Oneplus one is the best phone

  6. Chris Neil says:

    Totally agree with your list!

  7. Jack Woo says:

    He has the perfect word for iphone “BORING”

  8. ScatterVolt | PC and Mobile Tech! says:

    No OnePlus One, I’m ashamed of you

  9. Tomi Marc says:

    Gotta love butthurt users of other android devices crying cos their choice
    of phone didn’t make the top 5. Very amusing indeed :) 

  10. Zakaria Amstro says:

    lg g3 is in the first place asswhole

  11. Michael Marzan says:

    Samsung s5 what ? I beg to disagree it should be the number 5 place instead
    of top 1

  12. Sabitron Miku says:

    Nexus5 master race

  13. Lewis Creelman says:


  14. Stefan Atzlinger says:

    For me the find 7 

  15. Adam Hanek says:

    oppo find 7 is the best smartphone for me. just because of half hour charge
    to 70%

  16. Wawaweewa Rice says:

    Xperia z2 running a cyanogenmod with android L+ the stock camera=the
    perfect phone 

  17. CTNtechnologynews says:

    Looking for a new phone? Click play to see the best SmartPhones available

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