Top 5 Upcoming Smartphones 2014-2015

Top 5 Upcoming Smartphones 2014.
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We have tutorials on all of these on the site, so hit that search box and get prepped before trying to flash any of the custom marshmallow roms below
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7 Responses to Top 5 Upcoming Smartphones 2014-2015

  1. Dylan Huyghebaert says:

    Htc one m8 

  2. yusef mustafa says:

    I go for SONY Z2

  3. Martins Ekene says:

    HTC 816

  4. John Raymund Lunar says:

    Wheres the Galaxy Note 4?

  5. Pranjal Gupta says:

    No Nexus 6 ? :( 

  6. Chris O'neal says:

    galaxy note 4*

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