Top Ten Not-So-Smartphones – TFTW

With the announcement of the iPhone 5S on the horizon, Steve and Larson look back at ten smartphones that didn’t make the grade. – - – - – - – - – - – - – - …
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BEST MOBILE PHONES OF 2013 ) HD Download the Music on this video here SAMSUNG galaxy s4 HTC One Sony Xperia Z Ultr…
Video Rating: 2 / 5

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31 Responses to Top Ten Not-So-Smartphones – TFTW

  1. Nader Baradai says:

    crap, i have an xperia play… gonna get 5s

  2. Juicewski2 says:

    So, number 8 is 2.0 version of N-gage?

  3. Hiram Plaza says:

    Thank goodness my phone is not on here

  4. Elchin Rustamov says:

    Echoe Echoe :) 

  5. John Paul Jones says:

    You guys missed out HTC one. That shit drives me crazy

  6. jeebs621 says:

    iPhone 5 is a nice phone it’s just the samsung fags who always hate on

  7. Potominah says:

    Shut up! iPhone 5 is the best phone ever made. Because it’s made by Apple.

  8. xSharpshooter45 says:

    Nintendo 3DS isnt stupid!

  9. Joseph Stalin says:

    i know about the nets, but that the way allot of factories are in Asia, and
    its all personal preference to phones, personally i don’t like the windows
    live tile style

  10. speebyda says:

    Well in the last quarter Apple lost 25% of it’s market share while Windows
    doubled it’s market share. So Apple can go be the cunts they are, search
    “Apple suicide nets”.

  11. OwlCUlater says:

    So much technological garbage….to keep the stupid masses occupied .

  12. Tux Edo says:

    To expensive for what you get

  13. XGamerBR says:

    hahaha loved that intro!

  14. Pepe Penninkhof says:

    Tell me, why does it suck?

  15. karls bacon says:

    That intro

  16. OrphanCrippler886 says:

    That’s why I have the Samsung Galaxy S4

  17. Mega Squishy says:

    I lovee Windows

  18. spideyjiri says:

    iPhone is the the worst, my 100€ huawei is way, way more usefull…

  19. Justinian43 says:

    Well Apple did that as a move to break dependency on Google stuff, i mean
    Google did span their OS out of the iOS flesh pretty much so apple
    retaliated doing that, which was a bit embarrassing with the maps…. but
    now apple maps is up to par (in USA territory at least) with google maps
    and they joined forces with yahoo and windows (bing) to be used as search
    engines for Siri.

  20. kahlaaay says:

    I had a BB Storm…… The “Touch-Screen” was literally a giant button. It
    seriously clicked. When I upgraded from it to a droid the verizon dude told
    me out of everyone one I will understand and appreciate my new phone the
    most….joke’s on him i got a Bionic lol

  21. gamercook says:

    i’m dumping out….for the win.

  22. Stinkyremy says:

    he sharted lol

  23. Verysrschannel says:

    #4 That’s facebook launch app, not a phone. BIG difference. Besides that,
    good video as always #like

  24. RenegadeProxy says:

    You’re not alone, friendo.

  25. ron shamp says:

    Iphone 8 will have a dildo app compatible.

  26. Md Plabon says:

    where is the note 3 its better than s4

  27. TechMasterNeT says:

    I agree with all the phones but where is the iphone??

  28. MrKindaFunny1 says:


  29. stephan golbek says:

    Good vid.

  30. Claudio Garcia says:

    llegue aca por los telefonos y me quede por la musica

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