Twitter for BlackBerry Smartphones

Twitter for BlackBerry Smartphones

How will smartphones work in the future? Microsoft provides a vision of how various futuristic devices and systems will be working seamlessly in the future. Visit for a photo gallery of the Microsoft concept smartphone.

So he assembled a paper booklet with a paper writing photo of himself superimposed on a picture of the princeton campus detailing his family life and his accomplishments, hobbies, and abilities, and he sent it to the university
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50 Responses to Twitter for BlackBerry Smartphones

  1. JamieLovesGirls19 says:

    follow me @JamieLyonsGirls

  2. flyhi4ever says:

    @youngbijou blackberry app world….if you dont have bb app world u can easily download it from your mobile browser and then search for twitter for blackberry…..i must say, ubertwitter is a lot better (the newest version) that’s on bb app world also

  3. youngbijou says:

    where did you get this app and how

  4. JLight619 says:

    iphones r done, the iphone4 is wack, androids and htc’s have took over, they have better apps, blackberrys will still always be the top smartphone, due to so many ppl still have em and upgrade to a better one, and i know alot of ppl with a droid phone and have a blackberry for a business phone

  5. physio143 says:

    @iSwifter Thanks , i have activated dataplan , i was tryinon wifi . I found that it works only on data plan BIS or BES < i have actiavated BIS < now working like charm …Thank you

  6. iSwifter says:

    @physio143 Because you dont have the data plan u need to download ubertwitter if u want to use twitter on your blackberry due to u dont have the data plan service is ur sim card new or did u get it with the black berry

  7. physio143 says:

    any one whould help me , i have got BB Bold 9700 and downloaded twitter. but all time it says “TWITTER services are currently unavailable” i am using wifi connection

  8. JamieLovesGirls19 says:

    another question on my blackberry i’m getting alot of “incorrect Signature” what does that mean?

  9. katkatastropheOZ says:

    move from the apps or downloads folder to the Home folder
    than you move to the 6 or 4 icons on the very top of all of the apps in your menu
    there you go, good luck

  10. JamieLovesGirls19 says:

    how do you get twitter on the homepage on my blackberry?

  11. overvision says:


    I don’t think iPhones are “state of the art” technology any more than I think Picasso is state of the art “ART”. I just happen to love how Picasso paints and I happen to dig how seamless iTunes and mobileMe performs with all of my devices.

    So when “your” current phone is no longer state of the art, be sure to immediately switch to the one that is, so none of your friends will think you’re behind the times. After all, you don’t wanna occur as “sad” as I do, do you?

  12. thomasizpimpin says:

    how do u get the app?

  13. GuppyGraves says:

    @overvision it’s kinda sad that you ACTUALLY think that iPhones are state of the art technology. All that you just said can be found on countless devices. Apple is so far behind in the loop it’s hilarious.

  14. overvision says:

    @GuppyGraves LOL, you sound like Gary Coleman! I have never used a BlackBerry so I can’t tell you if they suck or not. But if having an iPod that brilliantly displays my music, books & movies, elegantly surfs the net and gives me instant access to half a million apps sucks, then you’re right, iPhones TOTALLY SUCKS!!!

  15. GuppyGraves says:

    @overvision iphones suck lol what you talkin bout?

  16. 2MCshadow says:

    i have a bb 8330 vers. i cant find the app is it also on this vers.?

  17. rolthegame says:

    @FunJessica Yeah its been like this for a whille if it makes anything beter almost everyone has this problem no suggestions though… Try waiting maybe they change shit or something

  18. FunJessica says:

    i have a bb 8520 and when i downloaded thiss and tried to login it says “twitter services are currently unavailable” i tried reinstalling it several times but the same thing pops up. does anybody have a suggestions?

  19. overvision says:

    Wow, no disrespect to BlackBerry, but it’s reviews like this that make me glad I have an iPhone – YIKES!

  20. Patooetco says:

    i think it’s a blackberry bold 9700 but i’m not sure :S (i think ;) )

  21. theBDMentertainment says:

    I like this app for blackberry, its just that with ubertwitter when you type @ it shows a list of people following you so its easy to do a mention, but for this app there is none which makes is difficult to @ mention someone when many twitter names are difficult to remember.

  22. mokshjuneja says:

    are you using storm or curve? it is very similar to Ubertwitter!!

  23. mokshjuneja says:

    are you using storm or curve?

  24. mokshjuneja says:

    are you using stomr or curve?

  25. SmooveLai says:

    all rim apps are free think bout aim…facebook…app world etc.

  26. masterstghm says:

    @EvilPinkBunnyRabbits hey cardboard is biodegradable

  27. wylogowany says:

    They forgot to show, that Microsoft will (just like Umbrella corp.) do research in biochemichal military weapons, create T-virus and turn all humanity into zombies. For me it’s much better way of life for next 100 years then economical crisis we have today.

  28. yannhk says:

    i’d be so glad if the Wan Chai and Central area will be that green in the future….

  29. pantoleon01 says:

    How maevellous a BSOD would be in THAT concept!

  30. EvilPinkBunnyRabbits says:

    Great we’re going to have devices made out of what looks like cardboard.

  31. callshadow3 says:

    this will never happen :(

  32. kzkleyoile says:

    Online Asian women ****

  33. MrToimi says:

    @alsanten haha fail! u now that htc introdused their first multitouch smart-phone in 1998?

    not much of apples “innovations” are just apple innovations, just a rip of from some other company.

  34. DemiurgicPerception says:

    @alsanten haha, love geek wannabes who think they know what they are talking about.

  35. Emzo99 says:

    harry potter newspapers! Tbh the ipad kind of does that already but is less like a newspaper… :/ I just think Apples technology is basically there now or in a few years. I prefer the iPhone 4 to the phone that asian guy was using.

  36. lgcamson says:

    @eastsidemuvafuka the one who puts it down is the old guy not the girl

  37. mosesbest says:

    i don’t care who does it but it will be dam cool to have this technology

  38. eastsidemuvafuka says:

    4:06 – 4:11 she first holds it like a cup, then puts it down like a mug ?

  39. bxfabolous says:

    lol its not about tec its about economics, politics, FAA etc..and things can def go wrong like the Microsoft phone what was coming out ..all am saying is dont hold your breath

  40. BennduR says:


    10 years is a long time… look at the computers from 10 yeras ago and look at them now. dont understimate how fast tech improves

  41. vlweb3d says:

    … and then you get ONE BIG BLUE SCREEN up your ass – LOL

  42. vVcLuTcHVv says:

    @alsanten Lol looks like they finally got internet on the short bus

  43. hellohuy says:

    @bxfabolous trust me, it will

  44. DeFliegendeHollander says:

    @alsanten : that is why patents are so bad.

  45. bxfabolous says:


  46. detergentmacdog says:

    i want all this so bad. i want the future.

  47. LizardDean says:

    That’s the future I dont need but I want it anyway. =D

  48. luniarxox says:


    Shit, my toilet got hacked.

  49. nikitakellermann says:

    Yeah and then you’re like going to take a shit, you already took your pants down and then the message pops up: “The Toilet application has encountered a problem and needs to shut down”.

    People, if this is the future than we’re screwed…

  50. mp5beatz says:

    @NamelessNLS ok xD

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