V7 Stylus for Touch Screen Tablets (St2000-Blk-10N)

  • Sketch, write or navigate effortlessly with a natural pen like feel
  • Durable 8mm soft-rubber tip offers perfect sensitivity and glide
  • Weight-balanced design for optimal writing experience
  • Easy to carry around with chrome accented pocket clip design
  • Stylish metallic finish available in assorted colors

The V7 stylus is the perfect solution to avoid fingerprints on your capacitive touchscreen devices. Its balanced weight feels like a fine pen in your hand and is perfect for writing and casual drawing directly on your tablet or mobile phone. The rubber tip glides smoothly over any tablet screen so you can seamlessly jot down notes and illustrations. The pocket clip is sized to attach easily and securely to a folio cover. Whether you’re in the office, at home or out and about, it’s the fingerless

List Price: $ 14.99


When you launch the camera app and turn it around so that you are looking at the back lens, an led light right in the buttons will blink yellow as it tries to recognize your face

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