Verizon Droid X best smartphone for now that i don’t wan’t another to replace

Motorola Droid X from Verizon 621 update Android 2.3.4 but now happy found success thanks to the responsible developers. Now the best phone to me for a variety of reasons which the video should summarize as to why i feel that way. If clicking on the click doesn’t direct to the intended webpage try copy and paste. One good thing about the update is a better signal radio 15p which is alot better than the old one so if you have signal issues than i advise taking the update may sound wierd but then i will help you and provide instructions for you to get back rooted like me successfully with your custom rom install if you decide to install..Also i wanted to point out this the update really didn’t improve the built in wifi hotspot funtionality but to my personal experience angered users more and more..Stay Tuned for further videos i do plan on uploading a video for those needing immediate help to get off the 621 and reclaim there device. LOL i forgot to turn that tv down. Thanks for your support!! like,comment,subscribe
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4 Responses to Verizon Droid X best smartphone for now that i don’t wan’t another to replace

  1. Tonio L says:

    i planned on making a video like that so stay tuned further

  2. SuperREDize says:

    Please do a tutorial on what you used for rooting it! !! Please!

  3. Tonio L says:

    lol i apolojize but im sure the audio wasn’t low try increasing your device volume in which you were watching my video from.

  4. Real Reiss says:

    just a tip next time turn the tv down

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