Vertu Ti: The £6K smartphone

Vertu Ti: The £6K smartphone: Got money to blow? Look no further – the Vertu Ti comes with a gobsmacking starting price of £6700 (600) For our hands-on review of the Vertu Ti, head to Keep up to date with the latest technology news: Like us on Facebook and enter our competitions here: Stay on top of our videos by subscribing to the TechRadar YouTube channel:
Video Rating: 3 / 5

This of course isn’t the saving grace for the gaalayx s5, with the system files still taken up about 6 gigabytes worth of storage on a 16 gigabyte device
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24 Responses to Vertu Ti: The £6K smartphone

  1. shonik Markil says:

    +awful battery

  2. Stănescu Cosmin says:

    With the money for this phone i buy a car with phone incorporated

  3. Roberto Cohen says:

    lol. for that

  4. 1TNT47 says:

    But will it blend?

  5. 12martoss says:

    Welcome back to 90′s cell phone what the stupids!

  6. 5ucKz3110 says:

    saved the money for this…
    bought an equivalent phone and a car instead

  7. LuMiSaDi93 says:

    For 10000

  8. LuMiSaDi93 says:

    The specs sucks

  9. johnnydmc21 says:

    It sucks

  10. mrdiher says:

    just get an iphone

  11. Pwn3dbyth3n00b says:

    Screams waste of money

  12. Viktor Dimitrijevic says:

    i even dont want it for 50$ cause its very ugly -.-*

  13. shaggytester7 says:

    Its made out of fuck titanium retards that’s why its so dear

  14. MrKevinhuynh06 says:

    haha my s3 can kick this phone ass, who’s ever got this phone is not prove they’re rich, but prove that are stupid. no offence…..

  15. Damien Blake says:

    My N7105 LTE just lol’d whilst playing this video

  16. Alex Xyd says:


  17. ps13215033 says:

    woh, 1250mAH, this is hard to believe

  18. xiiPur3StunTzZ says:

    dad has older version its a scam like 3 grand fuk that

  19. Ernesto Yep says:

    yeaaa it can suck my dick.

  20. Eduardo Melendez says:

    iphone sucks dick get android or LG

  21. kieran lennox says:

    ive got an idea get an iphone

  22. Zack Halverson says:

    my htc evo 4g has a bigger battery

  23. Tietokone145 says:

    Android os have stypid names like jellybean and ice cream sandwich

  24. Karan Verma says:

    ok.. how many of these gonna sell .. any gusses ??

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