verykool s505 Spark Smartphone Review

Wirefly reviews the biggest and baddest phone by verykool the s505 smartphone also known as Spark. Unboxing: Camera Test: Compare…

Written by Charlene deGuzman Directed by Miles Crawford Starring Charlene deGuzman With (in order of appearance) Jacob Womack Nick Luciano Ani Baker Sabrina …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to verykool s505 Spark Smartphone Review

  1. Henning Kemner says:

    May I Mirror this video?

  2. Albert A says:

    *Can you live without Mobile Phone?*

  3. Alain Bruno says:

    ha ha this is genius! great video

  4. lara stang says:

    A must see. IT’s an addiction!

  5. Breeny Lee says:

    OMG, Is this how we look?!!! This is insane!! but funny lol

  6. Kiyo says:

    If your friends do this when you’re hanging out with them then they
    obviously have little interest in you. Find better friends.

  7. Noel Ooi says:

    Hilarious video shows us how mobile phones have ruined our social life.

    #socialmedia #smartphone #selfie #iphone 

  8. newstart49 says:

    And we were worried about Zombies.

  9. Peter Raymond says:

    Which category are you? Living in the moment or perpetually distracted? Is
    this video a bit of a jolt?

  10. 박찬지 says:

    I’m like this but only when I’m alone, or if I’m with a person I don’t
    like. But when I’m with my friends, I try to keep my phone at my pocket.
    Unfortunately, they don’t. So yeah.

  11. Carlos Danger says:

    I love the amount of people typing about how terrible technology is and how
    they don’t abuse it while they are using technology to talk about how bad
    technology is. If you found and watched this video you are obviously part
    of the problem that you claim to be against.

  12. ipodgenex says:

    Albert Einstein said something over that. : “i am afraid of the day where
    the technology overcomes our humanity. This generation will be full of

  13. Robert Trance says:

    What will you remember before you die if you have never lived at all?!

  14. tzmakis says:

    I love technology, I have an awesome computer to play games and want to buy
    a smartphone one day BUT I never gonna let my life pass by spending hours
    using them. I am also a competitive player in pc games but I never miss the
    chance to go out and do anything to have some fun. Btw forget my phone is
    propably one of the best things to happen to ya . . .

  15. VioletIceFire says:

    I’m so glad my friends aren’t like this though I have noticed my younger
    brother never lets go with his phone..I guess it gets worse with every new
    generation? :/ I always lose my phone and always say it’ll turn up
    eventually lol

  16. Ren yolo Knox says:

    This is a stereotype. 

  17. Will N says:

    This is where our generation went!

  18. SudanCarib says:

    Sorry I know this video meant well but this isn’t the 90′s anymore.

  19. pwnColorQuixpwn says:

    I don’t understand it. Not only why does it have forty million hits but
    what is it exactly? Can someone please explain so that I can get a better

  20. THEmickTHEgun says:

    This video had an impact on me, it really pissed me off. People say they
    love being social but look at them, all zombies sitting in front of screens
    or at least distracted by them. Same goes with people who say playing video
    games are a great way to interact with people and it’s good. I’ve argued
    many times with people who say there is nothing wrong with playing video
    games and I always say to them, yes there is. It takes you out of reality
    and you are left looking like a zombie to the rest of us. You don’t even
    care about the people who are there in real life, only your online mates. I
    used to be quite a heavy gamer until I got a job in real life. So I know a
    bit about it.

  21. Gavahnya Felts says:

    why do. People think this is so sad

  22. Nikos Marg says:

    Leave ur phone in y
    Ur pocket go out and have fun…

  23. Sadvianilla says:

    When I go with my mother to somewhere, she’s chatting with her friends and
    she forget that I am there. Fortunately, when I’m with my friends, no one
    touch the phones.

  24. GrahamPhelan says:

    Do you know what else none of us seem to realise? We’re watching this video
    on a laptop which we need to get off of too!

  25. billnye69 says:

    Society looks so sad, this video shows how little people care, if you don’t
    care enough to put your phone done for 10mins. GTFO. 

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