Weird Al Yankovic Live – We All Have Cellphones (7/8/08)

The National in Richmond, VA

Reboot your nexus 6 to see the change take effect
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19 Responses to Weird Al Yankovic Live – We All Have Cellphones (7/8/08)

  1. that1weirdkid27 says:

    One of the most beautiful songs ever written.

  2. jwkublick says:

    i bet some people have lost their cellphones when this happend.
    they drop the cellphone, and never sees it again :(

  3. skamdad64 says:

    This guy is just the #1 best when it comes to parodies and his own songs are killers

  4. shreddman8704 says:

    @SporeBlog He said something like “come on, take em out!”

  5. mangaturtle says:

    Albuquerque was unexpected but really good. i personally hoped for “Don;t download this song”

  6. voltemist says:

    lol i love that

  7. cameragrunt says:

    He said…”Your not standing!!!Stand up!!!”

  8. SporeBlog says:

    what did he scream at like 1:10 – like 1:15?

  9. SlieghtOfNose says:

    I just saw him yesterday, it was awesome!

    I looked into the stands, and there were so many cellphone up!

  10. SlieghtOfNose says:


  11. woWplayz says:

    kinda disipointed that the encore was albuqurque

  12. mexicam24 says:

    i took my dads and waved it

  13. MothMonsterMan99 says:

    Oops! Sorry, I was at the 8-6-08 concert.

  14. MothMonsterMan99 says:

    Sadly, I didn’t have my phone with me at the show…

  15. SmartPrep10 says:

    We all have cell phones so come on lets get real!! Thanks for posting this!

  16. theacostas says:


  17. WeirdAlCrazy56 says:

    Lol, what was he shouting at Jim?
    Thanks for uploading this! I love this song!!

  18. ElizaVideos says:

    Uploading them, thanks.

  19. queenzoleck says:

    Hi! I was wondering if you got Albuqurque at this concert? Thanks!

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