What You Should Know This Cold Season

Toilet seats are actually cleaner than EVERYTHING. Music: soundcloud.com/deneath/fluouttake Slo-Motion Sneeze Courtesy of Ultraslo www.youtube.com Video: French Kiss: vimeo.com/28351143 Film Footage courtesy of Shutterstock, Inc., Used by Permission Woman on cellphone AISPIX by Image Source/Shutterstock.com People rush on a escalator motion blurred zhu difeng/Shutterstock.com Busy, messy, cluttered, funky office space. trekandshoot/Shutterstock.com E coli Bacteria close up fusebulb/Shutterstock.com Common cold spreads here in UltraSlo www.youtube.com/ultraslo ATM machine JJ Studio/Shutterstock.com
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32 Responses to What You Should Know This Cold Season

  1. by9diz8 says:

    from now on I’m having dinner from the toilet seat

  2. VimtoUK says:

    “Well clearly that’s fine then. I mean we’re not all dying or constantly having diahorrea …”

    - David Mitchell on QI

  3. DeeVeeTee583 says:

    actually sick… :(

  4. SQron188 says:

    I faved the video just because of this comment.

  5. dwackallday says:

    This vid made me subscribe

  6. trailchoco says:

    Sooooo…doing coke of the toilets its totally good :D

  7. KeskinTRS says:

    I have nightmares about waking up on the floor of really filthy public toilets.
    I hate the public.

  8. Tomas Bk says:

    Some of these facts are BS, like the 5 sec rule, the instance the thing you droped hits the ground the bacteria on the groundis stuck onto the shit you dropped, its not like the bacteria crawls onto your food

  9. Rodan Hassan says:

    On a daily average we touch about 16 different dicks by touching doorhandles and such, just thought you guys should know that (6)

  10. Smithschannel says:

    Toilet seats are relatively clean compared to others.

  11. addledhead says:

    All these bacteria, and I’ve survived until now

  12. skatermax99 says:


  13. skatermax99 says:


  14. skatermax99 says:


  15. SupaCrazyDude says:

    Fucks given: 0

    No matter what you do, Germs will surround you.

  16. TZ3z says:

    What y’all need to know is that germs aren’t bad. Only too much or certain kinds. However if you do choose to expose yourself to excess germs by lazy habits such as not washing hands then you’re body is doing more work then necessary which makes you more vulnerable.

  17. docmatt31765 says:

    suddenly being a plumber isn’t so bad

  18. peteshelby21 says:

    Yes thank you, who cares?? So basically we should live alone, seperated in a personalized capsule. Still wont matter, germs are everywhere. Everyone should just have awsome pig sex w/o Condoms and spread germ love

  19. Lamalubah hoet says:

    Is it weird as I just sat down on the toilet and watched this

  20. HeyItsJubu says:

    I rove this channel

  21. mopman777 says:

    Who’s cares

  22. weapondrift says:

    This is nothing, I had MRSA. I laugh in the face of the cold germs.

  23. Puggle64 says:

    and yet despite all this there are still billions of healthy non-germaphobes

  24. MJDub86 says:

    Check it out in the version posted by “Bruce Allen Clark”

  25. MJDub86 says:

    I just watched the televised version of this commercial, and when the guest are guessing, they actually say, “Blacks?…Monkey?…”

  26. Zombiepigman96 says:

    Best… comment… Ever…!

  27. numba301 says:


  28. Justine Yvonne says:


  29. LiteralEVERYTHING says:


  30. skillet9922 says:


  31. MrDavidbiton says:


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