Why I’ll Never Own Another Cell Phone Ever Again

Just a quick commentary kicking some ass and talking about why I hate mobile technology devices. Follow Me!!! twitter.com www.facebook.com In this Gotham City Impostors Gameplay Commentary I will be using the Shredder Reflex Site Weapon Mod Persuader Penetrator Ammo Mod Burly Custom Character Loadout Class Vigor Chug Energy Drink Inflatable Insole Mobility Gadget Hard Target Fun Fact 2 Wall Flower Fun Fact 1 Histrionic Psych Profile on the map Amusement Mile on Team Death Match Multiplayer Lobby
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20 Responses to Why I’ll Never Own Another Cell Phone Ever Again

  1. slingy901 says:

    i jst use mine fr music lol

  2. MrLukedfrt says:

    I agree, Mobile Phones are so annoying!

  3. ped200014 says:

    Yeah okay, that’s it. Intimidation of technology. lol

  4. xItalianzZzFTW says:

    do a vlog or something cause i have never seen ur face before!

  5. 4n1MrAc0wnZ says:

    your commentaries never disappoint! lolol keep it up nub.

  6. MrTCOOPS16 says:

    I don’t know what type of plan you were on then, but I have a no contract phone with a limited number of minutes. So every time i add someone to my contact’s i say that: “I only have so many minutes. Text or call in an emergency.” I got it for emergencys only, so it’s not that bad of a phone, and i get reception with any tower from any network.

  7. ThePanda077 says:


  8. PSNAdmin says:

    I agree with you, I got rid of mine around 3 years ago. I also find $100 a month for a god damn phone is ridiculous!

  9. Hiro Chan says:

    What I do is I ignore everyone until they stop texting me and now I’m infamous for ignoring texts lol

  10. MakeSamichWoman says:

    I’m going to call you at 3AM <3 You’re always awake at that time anyways n00b :D

  11. XEL1T3xJEWFR0x says:

    Hahahahahahaha mornin you crack me up nice video

  12. KingFredrickVI says:

    MAK, why the heck have been making so many rant videos?????? Do people like these or something?

  13. TehScrublet says:

    Having a mobile device causes stress. sourcefed did a video on it. Nice vid man. Definitely agree.

  14. MorninAfterKill says:

    yeah i realize that, but then people, especially women, get really anxious and worry-some when you dont pick up your phone…its like people expect you to answer it at all times. either way i was just talking about this because a lot of people find it ”weird” or ”odd” that i choose not to tether myself to a digital leash. i dont hate technology, just mobile communications :D

  15. PureBullcrap says:

    You do realize that you can turn it off..? It’s not the phone’s fault that your friends spam you in the middle of the night and whatnot, just put in on silent mode. I also find it extremely ironic when you say that you hate technology, as you’re using a microphone, a computer, a capture and a console to make this video.
    People who don’t like technology are usually just really incompetent with it and therefore don’t like it. Apart from the logical flaws, good commentary.

  16. MorninAfterKill says:

    haha i actually enjoy not having a digital leash anymore :D 

  17. UpsideDownAce says:

    There’s a silent mode for a reason..and an off button

  18. HowBoutDemBoyzz says:

    Haha I was just playing in the match with u :)

  19. DrkShadowX says:

    Lol sort of agree/disagree. I’ve had a long period of time where I was on my phone from day to night and a time period where my phone broke and I was without one for a few months. Truth is both can be great, depending on the time and ones mood lol. Nonetheless its 50/50 for me. Great vid and yea the Shredder kicks some ass.

  20. dsm1891 says:

    why u replying then?

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