Windows 10 on smartphones

Windows Phone 10 Concept UI. ——— My new concept Windows Phone 10 !…
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25 Responses to Windows 10 on smartphones

  1. wesam teetee says:

    I have a Nokia lumia 1320
    I have a problem in the Messenger app: he does not appear contacts and I
    cannot read incoming messages even though I have re-installed several times
    Can you help me please.

  2. Juanjo Algarra says:

    Comiendo todos los días. En casa descansando y teniendo a Cristo Rey. Que
    más puedo pedir. Mucha tecnología. Mucho sufrimiento en el mundo. Unos muco

  3. WorldTranceSociety . says:

    It’s not windows, it’s material design from android…

  4. Daniel Florez says:

    Win 10 concept… with a bit taste of android Material design Lol

  5. DKIIRO says:

    I dont like the explorer. Top direction bar is so disgusting to work with.

  6. Amlan Manna says:

    plz support audio files and OTG…

  7. Orlando Santos says:

    Se realmente tiver a conexão com impressora, imprimir direto do
    Windowsphone, que seja bem vindo, como este recurso faz falta. nem entendo
    pq demorou tanto pra chegar.

  8. Александр Ермошин says:

    Looks like fискing Android. It’s a very horrible. =(((

  9. David Cooltions says:

    This one ain’t the best but still cool.
    Windows 10 on smartphones

  10. dawut hassan says:

    Salute to your effort, but note that the core concept of the Metro is
    simplicity and clearity. if you notice the native APPs, we use them with
    swiping left/right, and the buttons are placed right at the buttom which is
    easy to use with one hand. we love WP not just because it’s Start Screen,
    but the most straight UI. People complain about the quality of the third
    party apps are bad, because most of the developers dont understand the true
    meaning of the Metro. So, i really dont appreciate your IE concept whicth
    the Adress bar is on top of the screen, that’s a straight assult to Metro.
    Developers, please, follow the Metro, dont change it.

  11. entyceit says:

    no to static icons. keep that old school on ios, android, and windows 7
    and below.

  12. Bobby Joe says:

    Windows concept/preview video Uses apple watch preview music. ¯*(ツ)*/¯ 

  13. cellrad says:

    You stole apple’s music 

  14. Mauricio garcia ceja says:

    Look nice… But is like a Lollipop… A little bit… Well just say

  15. michael99uk says:

    @sullivan max Almost……..

  16. Ju Juju says:

    Material design?It’s you?

  17. inoufre z9 says:

    How did u got this informations ??

  18. The Cudder says:

    I really like the UI and UX direction here. I’ve been a fan of the current
    OS for a couple of years now, but I have to admit — the looks of WP has
    aged terribly. This was a nice execution of a flat & modern UI

  19. sullivan max says:

    does this mean we can run star citizen and autocad 2015 on our phones?

    its that times already folks?

  20. Diego Grube says:

    C’mon, this is not what Windows really is. In this video Windows looks like
    android, and the other so iOS.

  21. marin buzdon says:

    Music ???

  22. Marvin Czech says:


  23. marnix barendregt says:

    Internet explorer looks the same as safari on ios

  24. Giovanni Flores says:

    “Smatphone”. XD

  25. Kevin Comaduran says:

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