ZTE Era quad-core Android 4.0 smartphone live demo from MWC 2012

MobileBurn.com – The new ZTE Era is a quad-core smartphone running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. It is powered by an NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor and measures a mere 7.8mm thick. ZTE plans to launch the Era in Europe and China later this year. More info: www.mobileburn.com

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25 Responses to ZTE Era quad-core Android 4.0 smartphone live demo from MWC 2012

  1. cesusjristS2 says:

    soo sgs2 is outdated now?

  2. matjusss says:

    how much its coming cost this in eur ?

  3. MrTubeMyAccount says:

    Man, the iPhone looks so pretty when it shatters to a million pieces when its dropped from 1 inch

  4. chrischoy9 says:

    looks like htc sensation

  5. chrischoy9 says:

    @Gellande Galaxy S(x) phones are nicer in fact

  6. Gellande says:


    why copy the ugly iphone four Ass? this phone is nicer, in my opinion

  7. xtacee1990 says:

    @DarkOrion27 The Iphone wishes it looked as nice as this phone.

  8. Jalpseon says:

    @DarkOrion27 iPhone is ugly anyway, so I wouldn’t choose that phone based off looks haha.

  9. DarkOrion27 says:

    right! and I can fly

  10. Gellande says:


    its rather a HTC-design copy

    it doesnt look like an iphone at all

  11. DarkOrion27 says:

    Another Iphone wanna be (design) and this one is cheeky

  12. nokiaovi1 says:

    And just before they relase it they say: “Only in china” FUUUU

  13. LostMySauce says:

    That background is sickkkkk

  14. Cr1ptlord says:

    @Aurouse Its quad core PHONE, min 1500$

  15. TheVisionaryGamer says:

    @Aurouse They most likely wont

  16. Duschmon7 says:

    @hecl10 lol pretty much.

  17. dchao22 says:

    anyone know what live wallpaper he’s got on there?

  18. CityFlashLights says:

    @fer356 …..Taiwan is an independent country but its government, exports and imports are completley controlled by China. it is part of The Republic Of China.

  19. diegodeath88 says:

    Unfortunately, it won’t be in the US. :(

  20. reddexred says:

    @DestinyKnightX yeah i know, just thinking of the design….but thx for the incite

  21. Aurouse says:

    I love zte but please don’t over price it :’(

  22. jayjaycorleone says:

    but i do agree that this phone looks too much like the htc one s ( BUT BETTER )

  23. jayjaycorleone says:

    woow zte has moved up the market really quickly i can’t believe the made a quad core phone when they never mad any dual core ones !!!! they went from 800mhz single core phones to 1.5ghz quad core !!!! that’s a big improvement ! now if zte keeps this phone at a resonable price , that phone will make them even more famous all over the world !!!!!! thumbs up if you agree

  24. ultraszgb says:

    HTC got owned? uhm.. ever hear od HTC One X?

  25. dvus1977 says:

    If I can know the name of the live wallpaper .. wood LOVE it on my G.N.

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